Explore in Indiana

When you set your GPS for Indiana, the first city that may come to mind is likely Indianapolis, as it does for many vacationers. While many amazing small towns spread across Indiana are not as large as Indianapolis, they are just as exciting. Learn about the following three must-visit small towns in Indiana.


Explore in Indiana

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Madison, Indiana, is the ideal one-stop vacation spot for the entire family. Visitors can explore sites such as the Broadway Fountain and historic Hanover College. They can travel serene scenic routes such as the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail or stop at up to seven wineries along the historic Indian Wine Trail. You’ll find free bluegrass music on the first Saturday of every month and a Music in the Park event on the second Friday of the month.

Madison is also full of amazing food that any foodie would drool over. You can grab steak, seafood, pasta, and barbecue at the Historic Broadway Hotel & Tavern, or chow down on homestyle cooking at Falls Restaurant at Clifty Inn. Need a pick-me-up? Head to G. H. Coffee Co. for a jolt of caffeine and snacks.

From the rustic Dugan Hollow Log Cabin & Suites to the Riverboat Inn & Suites, you’ll find plenty of accommodation options, too.


Explore in Indiana

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Nashville is not only a music-centric city in Tennessee, but it is also a romantic getaway for couples in Indiana. Nashville, Indiana, is a top spot in The Hoosier State for couples who want to catch a show at the Brown County Playhouse, check out the eclectic arts scene, or scope out some old-time wares at the antique shops and flea markets across the city.

Quaint eateries are also plentiful in Nashville. You can find any dish from duck wings at Out of the Ordinary Restaurant and Hickory Sports Bar to comfort food at The Farmhouse Cafe and Tea Room at The Flower & Herb Barn.

Lodging is also perfect for the setting, as you can book the classic-looking but surprisingly upscale Bittersweet Farm log cabin or a room at the Cornerstone Inn.


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Westfield, Indiana, has much to offer younger families and active adults. This small town of slightly more than 37,000 residents is home to many parks and 85.6 miles of trails, including the 5 1/2-mile-long Monon Trail and the 3 3/4-mile-long Midland Trace Trail. You can also bundle up the family and go ice skating year-round at the Arctic Zone Iceplex.

If you want delicious food, Westfield has everything for you. If you’re feeling traditional, head to Local Eatery & Pub for some tasty bites. But if you prefer something from south of the border, you can visit El Jaripeo Mexican Restaurant.

While lodging in Westfield, Indiana, may not be as extensive as locales in the surrounding area, vacationers can find rooms at the Cambria Hotel & Suites Westfield or Hampton Inn Westfield Indianapolis. Alternatively, you can travel only a few miles south to Camel, Indiana, and find a wider range of accommodations.

The next time you plan a trip to Indiana, make sure to spend at least a little time in these small towns. Not only will the locals appreciate your presence, but you may also discover your new favorite travel destination.

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