The Konkan Railways is the most attractive, inexpensive and convenient way to travel from Mumbai till Goa. It provides views of spectacular scenery and is most comfortable.  In case, you travel by overnight trains; you will be there next morning.

The average time taken for the journey from Mumbai to Goa is twelve hours. You must make early reservations for Mumbai to Goa trains as the tickets get booked very fast.

Points to Note

  • The most prominent railway station of Mumbai is – CST (Chatrapathi Shivaji Terminus).Once named as Victoria Terminus, it is located at the Fort Area of South Mumbai.
  • Trains from Mumbai to Goa can also start from Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, located in Kurla, in North East suburbs of Mumbai.
  • The central railway station of Goa happens to be Madgaon, also referred to as Margaon (MAO). Situated in South of Goa, its Northern counterpart is Thivim, close to the beaches of North Goa.

Best of Trains from Mumbai to Goa

  • 22119 Mumbai- CST- Karmali Tejas Express:

This is the speediest train operating from Mumbai till Goa. It is a high speed, luxury train, which finishes its ride within 8 and half hours. This train began operations in 2017, May and runs throughout the day. This train starts from CST at 5am and arrives at Karmal in North Goa (following Pernem and Thivim) at around 1.30pm. This station is the only stop of the train in Goa.

This train typically runs 5 days of a week-Sunday, Saturday, Friday, Wednesday and Tuesday. But it avoids trips for 3 days in the week (Saturday, Wednesday, Monday), during the season of Monsoons. This season starts from June and lasts till October. The train also reduces speed in the Monsoon season, taking additional hours for the trip.

Fare in executive class amounts to Rs.2975 and AC Chair car to Rs.1500. The train has special amenities like coffee-tea vending machines, LCD TV’s, toilets with bio-vacuum, GPS tracking, automatic doors and wireless internet.

  • 12051 Jan Shatabdi Express

It is an early starting train from Dadar Central till Madgaon (South Goa). It is a fast train, covering the day. Its special quality is that it is a common-man friendly train without the usual perks of a Shatabdi and is budget-friendly. But the train features a unique, new luxury carriage featuring a Vistadome with glass windows and roofs. The train begins at 5.20am and arrives at Madgaon at 2.05pm. There is also a stop at Thivim (North Goa). Executive class (AC) costs Rs.2234, AC chair car costs Rs.945 and second class (Non AC) costs Rs.270. This train runs daily. Seats in the 2nd class are easily available when other seats for Mumbai to Goa trains are exhausted.

  • 10111 Konkankanya Express

It is the best overnight train travelling from Mumbai till Goa. It starts from CST at 11pm and reaches at Madgaon (10.45am) the next day. There are also halts at Thivim and Pernem in North Goa. AC 1st class sleeper costs Rs.2590, 2nd AC costs Rs.1530, 3 AC costs Rs.1060 and Sleeper (3 tier, Non AC) costs Rs.390.

  • 10103 Mandovi Express

It is a time-consuming trip, which needs one full day of travel. Departing from CST at around 7am, it reaches Madgaon at around 6.45pm. The train also halts at Thivim and Pernem in North Goa. Fares are same as Konkankanya Express.

These are the major trains starting from Mumbai and halting at Goa.

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