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IRCTC had always been improving its system so as to offer the best services to its passengers. In a recent upgrade, IRCTC launched a new website which is referred to as IRCTC Next Generation Portal. This portal has under the hood changes as well as Interface changes. Booking tickets are now much easier. However, people still end up making mistakes while booking a ticket. To help you avoid these mistakes, we have listed some most common mistakes made by people while booking a railway ticket online on IRCTC.

Mistakes to Avoid While Booking a Railway Ticket Online on IRCTC

  • Passenger Name and Details – This is the most common mistake made by the people. They often end up entering the wrong passenger name or they end up making a mistake in the passenger name. In addition to this, people end up making an error in the age as well. They can prove to be problematic during the journey.
  • Travel Date – A lot of people also end up booking tickets for the wrong dates. People get confused when the train is scheduled for midnight and they end up with a ticket for wrong dates. Review the travel dates again and again.
  • Tatkal Ticket – While booking a Tatkal ticket, ensure that you book it as soon as the slot starts because the tickets are sold out quickly. To avoid this, it is advisable for you to book a Tatkal ticket well on time.
  • Plan in Advance – If you are planning to book a ticket in General Category then you must book a ticket well in advance. Do not leave things for the last moment as this can play havoc with your travel plans. You might end up with a ticket in waitlist if you delay booking the ticket.
  • Keeping Payment Method Ready – Another thing to remember while booking a ticket is that you must have the payment method ready. Have your credit card or debit card handy with you. If you intend to use IRCTC e-Wallet then you can also choose to pre-load the wallet with the amount and you will be able to save yourself from any inconvenience.
  • IRCTC LoginIRCTC Login had been another concerned for the people. If you do not remember the IRCTC Next Generation Login Password then do not enter the wrong details over and over again. It is better to reset the password in such a case or else your account may get blocked.
  • Pressing Back Button – Another common mistake made by people is that they press the back button many times while booking a ticket. This can stall the payment system or this can log them out of the site. In addition to this, another potential problem is that if you leave the system ideal for 2 minutes then the website wills time out.

These are some of the most common mistakes made by people and you must avoid these mistakes while booking a ticket so as to avoid any financial loss or inconvenience.

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