1. Jaisalmer Fort: This fort has long been known throughout the world as a cultural, historical and architectural heritage. But another thing is remarkable. Even now, most of the city’s population lives on the territory of the fort. It is possible that this is the only inhabited fort in the world! Rajasthan is proud of it!
  2. Architectural splendor of Rajasthan has long been recognized worldwide. Hollywood did not stay aside and also paid tribute to the beauties of this state. The beauty of Udaipur was reflected in Bondiana (Octopussia).
  3. Continuing the Hollywood theme. Mehrangarh Fort, lit up in the classic Batman (The Dark Knight, Renaissance).
  4. Have you ever thought that you can pray to a motorcycle? Surprisingly, this is possible in Rajasthan! According to legend, this motorcycle belonged to Rajput named Om Banna. He crashed on it as a result of an accident. Arriving at the scene of the accident, the police tried to remove the motorcycle, but it did not work. Since that moment the locals are sure that Om Banna’s spirit lives in a motorcycle. People go to bow to the motorcycle-temple, because they believe that it will help to save them from an accident on the journey.
  5. Even the child knows that the longest wall in the world is in China (that’s why it’s called the Great Chinese). Of course, the fort is in Rajasthan! Kumbhalgarh Fort with its 36 km of continuous masonry is engaged in an honorable second place on this list. Plan your trip to Rajasthan and explore the mannificient beauty of the place through Palace on Wheels luxury train.
  6. The first city that was built on the basis of scientific principles of architecture is Jaipur. Saiva Jai Singh II set the task for architect Purohit Vijayadhar Bhattacharya, who successfully coped with the task. Thanks to him, Jaipur is known as one of the most beautiful and structured cities in the world.
  7. Such bright colors as in Rajasthan, are no longer worn in one state of India! It is bright pink, poisonous green, sky blue. All the colors of the rainbow and even more can be found on the inhabitants of Rajasthan!
  8. According to the ancient Indian epic, Ramanjane, King Rama spent 14 years in exile in the forests of Rajasthan!
  9. Rajasthan includes 22 principalities, which in the old days were independent. To date, Rajasthan is the largest state in India!
  10. If there are amazing places in India, most of them are in Rajasthan. In the temple of Karni Mata, more than 20,000 black rats live. According to the belief, all rats are the reincarnations of male heirs of the revered Karni Mata deity.

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