unlocking iPhone 6

are three ways to go about unlocking your old iPhone or unlocking an Apple iPhone 6 plus – software unlocking, hardware unlocking, and IMEI unlocking. The first two ways are ineffective, fraudulent and can sometimes cause irreversible damages to your phone. Do not fall for them. A lot of people have tried and failed. The third way, however, bears results and has a high success rate. Let’s visit them so that you know what you are doing before you go ahead and do it, anyway.

  1. Software Unlocking – This is a process a lot of people, firms, and websites offer to provide service for. It’s mostly a scam. It generally involves downloading a piece of software and installing it on your phone, which lets you make calls or browse the internet, using a different SIM card. This used to work for older versions of the iPhone (still works), until Apple discovered the bug and solved the issue. Therefore, software unlocking stopped working since the launch of iPhone 4. But, this process still has a reasonable rate of success for iPhone 3 and older versions
  2. Hardware Unlocking – This involves altering the physical hardware of the iPhone by finding an alternative path to redirect your phone calls by tinkering with your phone’s inner workings. This service is generally provided by shady mobile vendors around the corner of the street. The rate of success of this process is about 30-40%, but cranking open your phone, leads to the warranty being null and void. Additionally, your iPhone might never work again; hence, the process is highly dangerous and it isn’t recommended.
  3. IMEI Unlocking – This is the only safe method to unlock iPhone 6 plus or any other iPhone purchased after the launch of iPhone 4. Also known a Network Unlocking, this process adds your phone’s IMEI to Apple’s global database of iPhones that is available to use with any carrier. This process gives you the freedom to change the network carrier of your iPhone, whenever you feel like.

Almost all carriers provide this option. It just requires you to identify your iPhone’s IMEI number which can be found, either on the back of your iPhone or can be retrieved by dialling #06# on your phone’s keypad. Then, identify the carrier you wish to unlock your phone with, go to their website and pay for IMEI unlocking through your credit/debit card. Your iPhone will be unlocked within 48 hours of the payment and henceforth, you would be free to use your iPhone with any carrier you wish to. The carrier fees are affordable and there are a variety of options/plans available, for you to decide from. The success rate of this process is 100 % and of course, is completely safe.

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