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Firstly let’s get clear what are WordPress plugins? Plugins are the building block of any WordPress site, these plugins adds tons of essential features and functionality to your site while running any WordPress site it is always recommended to have a plugin in use, so that a site can get all the flexibility from the core software to get a handy and fast website.

These plugins are systematically designed for your WordPress site to enable all the functionaries of managing and associating with the security and implement the strategical balance between effectively loading and smoothly humming, all a dozen in a dime.

Now while throwing light on WordPress plugins, you must be already knowing, that every WordPress plugin is assembled under some category according to its functional characteristic and attributes so that a user can easily get the basic idea of what a particular plugin is supporting or it is actually meant for, although choosing a plugin basically determined by the kind of your website.

There’s an endless range of WordPress plugins to choose from, to get your system customized and reduces your work load with easy and free installation.

So, let’s get started, here I’ll be sharing some of the most common and free WordPress plugins based on my personal experience and popular public reviews.


if you are working on any eCommerce store or want to create one, WooCommerce is possibly the best plugin for you, it helps you to power up your ecommerce store, it provides a complete extendable and adaptable features with endless attributes to grant you full access over your provide  beautiful theme designs for your online eCommerce store customizable with any size and amount of products it also provides a secure medium for transaction and automatically cleans if any bug is found, it furnish a full analytic overview of any object and generate delivery notes and also provide you with last recorded PDFs of invoices and pay slips, it automatically applies new product badges to new arrivals on your eCommerce store. The premium version of it includes almost 200+ extensions and the most popular ones are like woocommerce subscriptions, woocommerce memberships, woocommerce booking, dynamic pricing list, table rate shipping and product CVS import suite.


   ENVIRA GALLERY is a WordPress gallery plugin and the most important feature of it is that it has a fantastic UI with user friendly and easy to use operations, when you have tons of images to manage it creates a drag and drop photo gallery builder that renders you to standardize image format by applying watermarks that can save your image from theft, it help you to customize and organize your images and albums with adorable templates and allows you to share it on social networks, it gives you Slideshow with automatic as well as manual control too, it has Deeplinking i.e it can make your gallery SEO friendly and provides easy individual image linking, it has Pagination for splitting gallery into multiple pages to improve page speed and dynamic gallery to easily create new albums from different sources, it also lets you tag images and pin it using pinterest, has a password protection that prevent you from any unauthorized access and also provide you zip importer to upload bulk of images in one go plus provide you CSS for easy styling and flourishing your portfolio and can built easy integration with other multiple plugins, so overall ENVIRA is a complete took kit for handling any of your situation with much feasibility and flexibility.


 With more than two millions user WORDFENCE is among the most used security WordPress plugin, it includes all the safety major to keep your site free from any malware threat and continues to scan for any malicious code injections and the checks out for bad URLs, backdoor and SEO spams, the firewall monitors and identifies IPs that threaten the system data and frequently block addresses or build rules for the host if any unauthentic origin is found it can built deep integration to protect data by end to end encryption and doesn’t allow any loss linkage between addresses, plus alerts you for any vulnerability when your system’s plugin is closed or abandoned, also protect system from brute attacks by limiting login attempts by impelling strong passwords and security measures.


RELEVANSSI is among the most popular search WordPress plugin, as the name suggest it help you to fix your search related issues by displaying search results on the basis of key relevance, as now a days the common search engines doesn’t get you the perfect result but RELEVANSSI can , as here you can search any of your data with the tags , comments ,categories ,taxonomies and custom post too. It can help you indexing your database and can search any of your data by reading any column and texts from your PDFs, moreover it can find users on the basis of their name and can get you the overall profile description of that particular if required. It can expand short codes and is able to find content by generate them. It also has a premium version of it with much upgraded enhancements that lets you maintain the weight of each post in the given search algorithm.


As the title describe, MAILCHIMPS is an email based marketing plugin that renders you to campaign highly to activate your email subscribers, as of now emails are termed as treasure for marketers and this plugin provide you the easiest engagement platform for up to 2000 subscribers and then help you to manage your site with endless mailing list and swipes out the false email addresses, this plugin help you to grow tremendously and list and write variety of newsletters through various methods, with free and easy installation process mailchimp can easily get connected with in seconds, it has multiple forms with advance detailed report and statistics, it also supports easy and seem less integration with other plugins.

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