This year, LG did not declare loudly about the presence of its flagship smartphone display with IPS Quantum extended color gamut. But, judging by the support of the HDR 10 or the color gamut, which we have measured, it is used in the G6. FAQ Delta-E deviation of Color Checker test (which takes into account and gives shades of gray, and a wide color palette) amounted to 5.06 – a typical result. But expect a perfect color rendering at the temperature that we measured previously, was not necessary. The rumors about LG G7 are dispersing around the world that the beast LG G7 will bring superior camera quality (best in dim lights as well), more realistic colors (even in bright light), and brighter exposure plus sharper details with it.

Recently, among the smartphone manufacturers, it has become fashionable to measure built in DACs gadgets, attracting to its side with excellent quality of sound. In the past year, LG has been in these series, offering one of the modules to LG G5 Reputation: solution from Bang &Olufsen. This year, the G6 is not positioned as a device for music lovers. No, it seems to be just another device or DAC or amplifier and not isolated in the list of characteristics. Still sound bad smartphone – and enough power, and detailing pretty well. On competition with some players like iBasso or Astell& Kern, did not have to say, but among the flagship smartphones, LG looks very confident. The external speaker is mono in G6. LG is going to introduce its next flagship smartphone LG G7 and the discussion about this phone has already been flowing in the market. Rumour suggests that the new beast LG G7 will come out in January with a stereo speaker present on the top of the display. LG G7 with its astonishing features will definitely lead the company to an extreme position.


LG G6 is equipped with last year filling – mobile platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, the first device on the basis of which began to appear last autumn. Many attribute this to the fact that Qualcomm just does not have time to meet the needs of all customers, including the key (Samsung), because of what someone is forced to postpone the release of its leader (Sony, Xiaomi), but still a powerful “iron”. Yes, the G6 eventually lose in the benchmark all other flagships in 2017, but the difference in the productivity of the user feels in the worst case, a year and a half. According to the Korean publications, Bell, The upcoming beast LG G7 is going to make a hit with its high-powered processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoC with 630 Adreno GPU.

A few words about the platform architecture of LG G6, there are four Kryo kernels applied to the peak frequency of the two older cores to 2.4 GHz and 1.36 GHz frequency for two younger. The graphic subsystem – Adreno 530 clocked at up to 624 MHz. This all, topped 4 GB of RAM – normal, although it wants more for Quad HD-display. The nonvolatile memory in G6 – 64 GB, this is so ample volume, but it can be increased through the use of microSD cards (up to 2 terabytes). True, have to choose between it and the second SIM-card – alas, so that’s a classic. Good news for the ones who are willing to try new things, LG G7 might become one of the best smartphones of the year 2018, so if you want to try the new handset G7, it won’t disappoint you. According to the reports, the upcoming LG G7 has been crafted with Adreno 630 GPU and has a RAM up to 6GB and internal storage of about 40 GB, which is expandable via micro SD card.

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