How to Reduce the File Size and Compress Videos

Did you know that raw video footage that is uncompressed require several gigabytes to store each minute? In other words a video that is 10 minutes long could very well end up over 100GB large.

Because of that most of the videos that you encounter are probably already compressed in some way. Despite that the file size of videos can still be too large, but the good news is there are ways to reduce it further and compress your videos in different ways.

Use a Codec With Superior Compression

Arguably the ‘best’ way to reduce the file size of a video is to transcode it to a codec that has superior compression rates. That will allow you to reduce the file size of the video, without any noticeable effect to its quality.

Unfortunately this option isn’t as straightforward as just converting your video, and for it to work you will need to:

  1. Identify the codec that is currently being used to compress the video.
  2. Check to see if there are other codecs available with better compression rates.
  3. Make sure the codec you use is compatible with the device the video will be viewed on.

For example you could transcode a H.264 video to H.265 and reduce its file size by up to half. However H.265 is not as widely-supported as H.264, so not all devices will be able to view it.

Reduce the Video Bitrate

Another way to reduce the file size of a video is to reduce the video bitrate. Because the bitrate is the amount of data used by each second of video, reducing it will have a big impact on the overall file size.

The downside of this approach is the fact that it will also affect the quality of the video. To be specific as you reduce the video bitrate you can expect to see many types of compression artifacts start to appear.

That being said if you need to reduce the file size of your video and transcoding it isn’t an option (or isn’t enough) – reducing the bitrate is the best way. Just be sure that you gradually reduce the bitrate and keep an eye on the quality so that it doesn’t deteriorate to the point where it is unwatchable.

Final Words

As you can imagine if you want to compress videos you will first need to be able to convert them. Learning how to convert MTS to MP4 and use the codec that you need to compress your video can be tricky, but there are easy options such as Online Video Converter that you can try.

At the end of the day the tool that you use to compress your videos is important, and you should try to find one that supports the latest video codecs and will allow you to reduce the video bitrate. That way you can pursue all your options and reduce your video file size using different ways.

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