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The internet is full of distractions and a workplace where employees are given access to the internet is highly needed to look out for reverting diversions. Your employees might be spending work hours nodding their heads to the music, watching videos on youtube, updating their Facebook profiles, or babbling with the mates on communication apps. Such wasteful activities adversely influence the productivity and creativeness of employees restraining business development and sometimes causing heavy losses to the firm. Monitoring software allows employers to rummage for how work hours are being spent by the workforce, how efficiently each worker is performing and how company assets are being utilized.

Given are the points how employee monitoring can boost productivity and put the businesses on way to progression.

Put Away Distractions

The mobile phone and computer monitoring software allow the employer to find out and eliminate the elements diverting the employees from work. With a spy application you can get the internet browsing history of your employees to determine which websites or applications are preventing the target from engaging in assigned tasks. You can keep track of how many times a certain site is visited, at what time of the day and for how long. For example, if your employees are giving most of their time to Youtube or Facebook, you can block these sites to operate on your server or within the office premises.

Whatever your employee is doing on screens whether it is of mobile phone or computer can be spied. There are some spy applications that allow you to operate your employees’ phone without having physical access, and let you record short videos and capture images in the surroundings of that device. So, if your worker is busy playing solitaire on a computer or crushing candies on a mobile phone, you can catch him red-handed.

Improve employee efficiency determining their strength and weaknesses

These applications assist you to assess the abilities, strength, and weaknesses of each of your worker. The employee monitoring enables you to find out who the most productive employees are and who are pretending to be prolific but are good for nothing. The employer who is aware of each worker’s performance can better decide who deserves promotion and who needs to be demoted or dismissed giving an example to the rest to follow. Resultantly, it will improve the efficiency and productivity of the employees and give the company a push towards growth.

Look after company assets and confidential information

Is any of your workers stealing confidential information of the company for personal interest? Is your manager is engaged with your rival or business competitor? What kind of emails are being received or sent by you employees? How your company assets are being used? Leaving these questions unanswered and remaining unaware of all of these circumstances can cause you a huge monitory lose.

The spy applications grant you better control on the workplace happenings. You can read the content of the received and sent emails and get information about the sender and receiver of those mails. Some cell phone spy software allow keystroke logging that enables you to get your worker’s email address and passwords. Moreover, the messages and calls whether received or made using the mobile phone (that may be company-owned) can be recorded and even intercepted. Having a monitoring and tracking application installed on a mobile phone let you have a peek at the information and data stored on the spied device which means your workers cannot bring any of the secret office documents to their home saving on their phone.

Boost Productivity Discouraging Workplace Bullying

One of the greatest benefits of using spy application in business is that it helps to wipe out workplace harassments and bullying. As these programs allow to closely monitor activities of each worker, they enable the employer to find out the persecutors who harass their co-workers, prevent them from performing their tasks, and hurt them physically or emotionally. Keeping these negative people away from the workplace will definitely improve the efficiency and productivity of the staff releasing the unwelcomed stress devised by these oppressors.


TheOneSpy monitoring applications give a push to the businesses simply by being there. When employees get to know that they are being monitored by their employer, they opt to put distractions away and engage in chores that are more related to the company growth.

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