New Extender Setup will determine about what to do about that slow Internet connections that keeps on dropping. You have to understand the reason of causing such circumstances. Scheduled on private or public WiFi networks, your wireless connection may drop suddenly for no noticeable reason. Internet connection that keeps on dropping can be least frustrating. Why this happens? May be you are in the habit of watching videos that would be live video streaming, chatting or calling with your friend or a family member, playing games online or downloading stuff from the Internet. You might just be browsing with the web. Dropped or slow Internet connection are much more annoying than you think and you are auspicious to know that solution to such problems also exists.

Now, we discuss some situations, why these problems occur and provide a definite solution to them.

  1. Mywifiext

It is very helpful for WiFi Range Extender Setup, but there are chances that you might receive an error message while connecting to the site. This is just because Mywifiext is only the local web address used to open the web page of Netgear Genie Setup of your wireless range extender.


Your computer or a laptop must be physically and properly connected to your extender and the existing router of yours supposed to be in the range of the wireless device. Also make sure that both the devices are well plugged into a power outlet and the LED on your both the devices must be stabled.

  1. Netgear Extender Setup

Some people fail during their WiFi Extender Setup because they don’t know the steps to follow and implement.


With the help of an Ethernet cable, connect both of your devices with each other and with the help of second Ethernet cable, connect your computer with the rage extender. Now, launch a web browser and go with the web address mentioned in the first point. But remember all such process of Netgear Extender Setup cannot come to the successful end when you hide your router. The live Internet connection coming from the existing device contributes its effort in making all your devices up and running and also the Netgear Genie Setup, this is the most useful app that makes all your devices connected with each other and also creates a protective shield of security among intruders.

  1. Inadequate amount of Network Range and Power

The wireless access point of yours is about to stop when the Internet on the outer edges concerning to cross its limits. Well, when you move away from your existing router or the modem, the WiFi connection of yours will stop, fluctuate or buffer.


The solution to such problems is simple; just move your router away from floor and all the metal as well as the electronic gadgets, as all these devices consists of the same frequency as of router. As soon as you create a healthy relation between your router and the computer, you will receive long lasting extra good signals.

Another cool option you can do: to go with the additional antennas and place half away from your router. Similarly, the accessible antennas will automatically catch the range of the existing and will spread them all over the house.

  1. Avoid over-loading on Network

Your hardware as well as the software devices of home supposed to be setup completely to lodge the best WiFi signals and to avoid other network interferences. But, still if you have number of devices of the same frequency or your device has enough amount of bandwidth, videos, websites about to buffer and eventually gets disconnected.


Take some of your devices out of the reach of your home network. If you are watching movies, turn them off. If someone is playing games online, have a break. If you are continuously browsing Face book on your phone or PC stop for a short while, just to avoid overheating and overloading. What you can do, unplug all the wires from devices, shut down the entire networking system and devices and restart them all again. If you want to download large files and applications and you didn’t have enough data or range. We would like to suggest you to switch to a range extender or a wireless repeater.

  1. Outdated Firmware

Every WiFi device in today’s world of modern technology comes with software known as Device Diver and routers contains an associated technology that is known as Firmware. These types of software might be the reason of corruption caused signals Droppage and other wireless related problems.


Considering updating of your devices and network driver. Also we suggest you to update the routers firmware to the latest version, that not a big deal and a heavy task but a definite solution that will make you rid of the most annoying problems related to WiFi.

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