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Checking, cross-checking, and testing there are a lot of phases from which an eCommerce website development process has to go through. A genuine web design and development company passes the websites from these phases to check the working and functionality of each element.

Building en commerce website is not the end, it’s actually a beginning of new business opportunities. So, we have brought to you a quick list of things you need to consider in your eCommerce website development. If you are outsourcing this task to a web design and development company that specializes in eCommerce development. So compare this list to what they provide you. This way, you can track their progress better.

  1. URLs of your eCommerce website must be structured keeping SEO in mind. Words in the URLs must be separated by a dash or hyphen (-). Spaces are not allowed.
  2. URL must reflect logical path. Avoid random letters and numbers in the URL. Construct them as per your website’s categories and filters.
  3. Breadcrumb navigation improves usability. Look for its placement, style, is it on every page and does it follow the right hierarchy?
  4. ECommerce websites are full of product images. There’s a lot of scope of putting ALT tags on that to rank website well. A few Ecommerce Website Development service providers skip ALT tagging the images because they are too lazy to do it. A genuine web design and development company would never skip this step and it knows the importance of ALT attributes for ranking and SEO.
  5. Having Google Webmaster and Google Analytic codes on your eCommerce website to track down its progress and check for website errors.
  6. Sitemap submission and redirection for webpages that do not exist anymore.
  7. Social Media integration is another important aspect. Some top eCommerce website, such as Amazon and Flipkart even give the options to the customer to share and celebrate the purchase on social media. It’s good for user engagement.
  8. Thank You pages, Archives, Checkout Pages makes no sense to a normal visitor can be blocked by Google. You can tell Google no to crawl these pages by adding a Robot.txt file.
  9. ECommerce websites offer may filter options to the customers. When a customer opens the same product link using another filter option, a new URL is constructed. This can generate multiple URLs with the same content. Adding Canonical tags is the solutions to this problem.
  10. Security is a major concern when money transactions are involved. Make sure users feel safe making money transactions. The SSL certificate must be installed on the website and the payment gateway must be secured.
  11. What happens to the out-of-stock products? Allow users to enter their email address to get notified about the product when it is back in stock.

These are some of the basic things generally every eCommerce website has. There are more, of course, depending on the product category and genre of the business such as in case of medical marijuana, medical prescription of the patient is required and only a limited supply of medical marijuana can be supplied as per prescription.

Author Bio: Natasha Golinsky, a leading web design and development company, is 100% dedicated to your business’ success and have systems in place to deliver a premium eCommerce website development services.

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