There’s no need to connect to your access point every day but at times, you have to resolve issues related to your network such as updating firmware, port forwarding problems, etc. Also, while new extender setup, users have to use their regular home router to make a connection with it. However, for all such purposes, it requires you to access a router as an administrator. And for this, you must aware of admin’s username and password.

You don’t even have a flea in your ears about such credentials? Well, you can ask them from admin or reset your device back to default factory settings. In order to restore default settings, you have to push and hold reset button at the back or bottom of your equipment for around 30-40 seconds. Continue pressing it until LED lights on it become clearly visible. Users can also make use of a paper clip or safety pin to push this button.

So, that’s how one can find admin’s login details. Now, walk through the steps highlighted below to connect to your home access point as an administrator:

  1. First and foremost, make sure that whether there is a wired or wireless connection between your PC and router.
  2. Find out your device’s default IP address. In most cases, it is the private IP address allocated to your access point. Through this, it communicates with your local home network.
  3. Power on your wired or wireless gadget like computer.
  4. Launch one of the available web browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, etc.
  5. Enter in the address bar and press enter key to continue.
  6. One can also enter the default IP address to connect to router.
  7. As soon as the web page opens, it will ask for username and password to access admin settings.
  8. Enter the required details.

You can check manual to find the default login credentials. Thus, one can make use of a wireless router as an admin and make their Netgear extender setup as easy as pie.

Important note: Some devices will not access in the way we explained above. They require a mobile app like Netgear genie setup to get the job done.

But what if you are still unable to access your equipment? Well, need not to worry as we are here to help you regarding the same. Scroll down to read more.

In case you are getting errors while accessing mywifiext even after entering the correct username as well as password, and then follow the instructions below to troubleshoot this issue:

  1. Turn off firewall temporarily

Basically, a firewall is meant for keeping your confidential data far away from an unauthorized access. In case you are concerned about the safety of your files, you must turn it on. However, disabling it for a while can resolve your issues related to WiFi range extender setup login.

  1. Restart your router

Another way to fix this problem is to reboot your equipment. To do so, unplug it for a few seconds and plug it back again. Wait for LED lights on it to turn solid green. It can take some time, so have patience. As soon as it turns on, try logging in once again.

  1. Reset it

Performing a hard reset on your equipment can help you remove this problem. It is very simple process: with the access point turned on, long press the reset button for around 40 seconds. This button can be found at the back or bottom of it. Users can utilize a thin thing like paper clip to push this button. Once this process has been completed, all the default settings will immediately be restored. Now, you can log in using default credentials which came when you first bought your device.

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