cancer treatment during pregnancy

Problems of ovarian cancer are very common and mothers who are suffering from this should take the medications and treatments offered in this context. Women have a chance of getting ovarian cancer anytime and most of the time they are due to hormonal changes. It is rare to happen during pregnancy but still, it may occur and is totally curable if diagnosed at an early stage.

Process of diagnosis

Once a woman starts showing the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer she needs to be taken to her doctor who can give expert advice about the immediate measures to be done. The best way is to consult an oncologist directly.

The doctors perform special detection test of tumor markers from blood and check for rising and fall of the level of those markers. But those markers can change from natural state due to various reasons and therefore it is not a reliable test.

Then if a certain abnormality is found in the observation doctors perform another imaging test which relates to a vaginal ultrasound. It helps in location a tumor and understanding its features inside the body. But during late stages of pregnancy pelvic MRI is prescribed just to keep the baby safe from an ultrasound.

Tissues collected from there can be used to diagnose the condition of ovarian cancer. The cancer cells have special characteristics that can help in detection process. Doctors prescribe medicine for oncology while pregnant women can be less concerned about their baby and go for the treatment to cure themselves helping in the proper growth of the baby.

Treatment options for diagnosis

It is to be kept in mind that the researchers have found out ovarian cancer does not affect the fetus. Thus it is not a problem to take the treatments of ovarian cancer during pregnancy and the other thing is to always keep track of the baby along with the mother because any other type of cancer that reached a state of metastasis needs to be controlled.

The most important aspect of ovarian cancer treatment during pregnancy is to keep a close watch on the mother and the baby. The treatment depends on the stage of cancer and the stage of pregnancy. Thus an obstetrician is also needed with an oncologist in the process.

Chemotherapy can be done in the late stages of pregnancy. There are children who have a premature birth due to condition of ovarian cancer. Due to the radiation doses of chemotherapy, the growth of the baby can be defective and thus doctors in oncology in pregnancy medicine is prescribed by doctors.

Surgeries are mostly made to wait until the end of pregnancy. But there are certain surgeries that require immediate action just to keep the mother safe for the time being.


There are several ways to treat Ovarian cancer and each of them is equally prescribed for different women according to their condition. Ovarian cancer never creates a problem in the baby but can affect health of the mother. The mothers who need to go through surgery and intense medication should not feel concerned about the baby.

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