heartburn during the period of pregnancy

Heartburn during pregnancy can be an uncomfortable problem to deal with. This would be all the for women who have not gone on to deal with this condition even before. The moment the valve does not function properly the woman does experience a sensation of burning in the throat or the chest. Pretty much on the lines of pregnancy infections medicine you need timely treatment at the earliest. In fact there are many ways to cope up with heartburn during pregnancy. Heartburn meds during pregnancy would be one option for sure. You can make the necessary changes to your diet or lifestyle and then reap the rewards.

Do go on to change the foods that you eat?

There are many foods that is known to cause heartburn. This is all the more especially when you are pregnant. For example processed foods and fats need to be kept away during this point of time.  You need to be aware that there are specific foods that cause a lot of problems. This tends to vary from an individual to another. If you think that heart burn is a problem, do keep a dairy of the food that you eat along with the symptoms that would occur. It would help you to keep away from certain foods that are avoided during the course of pregnancy.

You should not drink a lot when you are having your food. In fact you need to be well hydrated the moment you do become pregnant. If you drink a lot while having food, it does increase the chance of heartburn to a considerable extent. Try to drink before you have your meals and in between food drink less.

It is suggested that you chew gums after your food time. The reason being it reduces the amount of saliva inside the stomach. It is also important that you choose a non-mint gum as when you opt for a mint gum it increases the chance of saliva as well. Some women are of the opinion that ginger might help with heartburn along with vomiting and nausea. It would be best if you opt for ginger tea.

Another golden rule to follow would be to avoid 3 meals a day. Instead opt for 6 small and lighter meals a day. This is going to reduce the impact of heartburn during the time of pregnancy. When you eat less it does put less pressure on the stomach. If you eat your meals slowly it does help your stomach to become full much faster as well. Try to swallow and chew your foods. When you are eating small meals try to make the process of having food more exciting.

Once your meal is over do not lie down on the bed straight away. If you lie down after a meal it does increase the chance of heartburn. You can run for an errand or go for a quick walk after a meal as it will help you.

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