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Infertility leads to several difficulties in life and you may also become depressed. Thus, it becomes important to get proper treatment ensuring that you get rid of all the worries. Nowadays, you can get smarter treatment options that help you to get pregnant becoming a proud mother. You can easily avail infertility treatment Delhi that gives life a new start.

Knowing About the Tests

In this regards, first you have to consult with your doctor availing the right treatment as you need. You may have to undergo certain fertility tests detecting the underlying cause of infertility.

Ovulation testing

The ovulation testing kit is readily available today in the medicine shops using which you can know whether you are pregnant or not. It detects the presence of luteinizing hormone (LH) that’s the sign of ovulation. It indicates that you are ovulating and you may also go for a blood test detecting the presence of progesterone, which is the hormone produced during ovulation. Another hormone called prolactin is also checked confirming your pregnancy.


Here, an X-ray contrast gets injected into the uterus and then an X-ray is conducted detecting any abnormalities in the uterine cavity. This test detects whether the fluid passes through the uterus and then enters into the fallopian tubes. The test improves your fertility flushing out the fluid opening the fallopian tubes.

Ovarian reserve testing

It determines the quality and number of eggs you are ovulating. Sometimes, women may come up with depleted egg due to which they need a series of sugar and imaging tests. It analyzes your quality of eggs and thus you can now enhance the chances of getting pregnant.

Imaging Tests

You would undergo a pelvic ultrasound that detects, which inspects the uterine or fallopian tube diseases. Hysterosonography is the procedure that detects what’s happening into the uterus, which is not always visible through regular ultrasound.

Other hormone testing

Apart from these, you may also opt for certain hormone testing comprehending the level of ovulating hormones. You need to know the levels of thyroid and pituitary hormones that control the reproductive process.

Some rare tests include:


A tiny incision is made below your navel and there is a thin tube tat’s used to view the area inside the fallopian tube. It also inspects the ovary and uterus and it’s the best way to detect any blockage, endometriosis or any other irregularities in the ovary and uterus.

Genetic Testing

It analyzes the gene structure detecting if there is any genetic abnormality causing infertility.

In this way, you can opt for feasible female infertility treatment that brings in true happiness in life. Often, infertility also happens because of age and thus you need to get the right treatment eliminating all the difficulties.

Life thus becomes easier and you can now give birth to a cute baby and you can make your dreams come true. It’s important that you find a good clinic where the doctors would take care of all your needs.


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