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The ears, nose and throat are important sensory organs with great roles in day to day functioning. The function of the ear canal is to transmit sound from the pinna to the eardrum making you hear things and sense movement.

The nose plays a role in helping you breathe, smell and even assisting in taste. So much of the uncultured bacteria and dirt is prevented from entering the body because of the nose. Our throat is the reason we can satiate our hunger, food, water requirements and even air passes through our throats. A slight issue in the functioning of any of these precious organs can result in big problems if not treated with serious care. Here is where the ear, nose and throat specialists, also called ENT doctors and otolaryngologists, come in. They manage and treat disorders of the head and neck, including the ears, throat, nose, larynx, sinuses, etc. Otolaryngology is a surgical specialty and ENT specialists in India are trained in the medical and surgical management of disease.

The do’s and the don’ts 

More often than not we become doctors ourselves and take unprescribed medication to treat ourselves While that may be the answer to a few things, matters of the ear, nose and throat must be taken seriously. Liquid discharge from the ear and pain in the ears is not normal and instead of waiting on it to heal, medical help is crucial. We must refrain from shoving ear buds in our ears because ear wax is actually healthy. Shoving ear buds actually pushes the earwax deeper into the ear and may rupture a sensitive part of the ear causing serious problems. If you catch a cold very quickly and experience headaches, you must show an ENT specialist. Nosebleeds can be signs of dangerous nasal conditions and should not be left to heal in its own. Throat is another delicate part of our body and if problems like throat ache, throat infections along with aching tonsils arise, an ENT specialist must be informed to prevent complete loss of speech.

What do ENT problems include?

Surgeries for the throat include both complex and easy procedures. It can involve simple procedures like earwax removal, adenoidectomy, curing ear infections and pus, tonsillectomy, giving hearing aids to old patients and treating hearing loss. They also deal with complex surgeries for the nose and ears to deal with problems of sinuses and hearing respectively. Along with that they treat both cancerous and non cancerous tumors in the throat and nose. Allergies, loud snoring and foul breath is also dealt with effectively.

The scenario in India 

Surgeries that happen under ENT doctors, happen in fully operational units and have aids to help in evaluation, examination, AV assessment and other OPD procedures.

ENT treatment in India is quite cost effective compared to other parts of the world. ENT specialists are now sitting in every nook and corner of India with ENT services being offered for the poor through campaigns in villages schools and colleges. People can bring their servants, clerks and other poor people and help them get the benefits of free service for a better and more fulfilling life.

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