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There are some psychological issues where online counselling is not suitable such as serious depression or serious mental illness.

However, there are many issues of psychological distress which are very suitable to Online Counselling services.

3 Of These Are Listed Below

  1. Anxiety

Anxiety is a fear of the future. It is perfectly normal to experience thoughts or feelings of anxiety or apprehension around future events, however it is when we are crippled or paralysed by this anxiety that is causes a problem and stops us from leading the best life possible. For example, most people experience some anxiety around flying, yet they still fly and enjoy the experience. If that anxiety was co crippling we could not get on a plane or ever fly that would be a problem that stops us leading a great life.

Using Acceptance and Commitment therapy (ACT), we at assist those people with issues around anxiety.

One of the principals of ACT is to be able to connect with the present moment. How does this help with anxiety? Simple – when we are able to connect with the present moment we are not in the future (that’s where anxiety lives). We encourage clients, to use deep breathing as an anchor to the present moment. With deep breathing, we allow our thoughts to come and go as we remain fully connected with the present moment. This is just the start, we then work with other techniques such as diffusion and the observing self to dissipate the anxious thoughts. Online Counselling can be an excellent support for those impacted by anxiety.

  1. Addictions

The thinking self is the part of us that says “I want to drink”, or “I want to use drugs”. Many addicts find that these thoughts fuse with who they really are and they cannot separate them. So, when they hear a thought that says “let’s go gambling” they act on these thoughts impulsively. We tech clients to defuse these thoughts from who they are as a person. So, when a client experiences a thought of ‘let’s drink” they take a deep breath and say to themselves “I am having a thought that I want a drink”. This immediately separates the urge from the action.

Many clients also use addictive behaviour to block uncomfortable thoughts such as “I’m fat” or “I’m useless”. We show clients how the thinking self has a tendency to point out ways in which we are not good enough and if we listen just to the thinking self we often feel unworthy, inadequate, unlovable or inferior. Here at we would with clients with addictive behaviour and how to diffuse these uncomfortable thoughts that often lead to addictive behaviour.

  1. Feelings of Low Self-Worth

We often have thoughts that we are not good enough or we are inferior to other people. For some these thoughts of low self-worth can debilitating.

We at show clients how our feelings, thoughts and sensations change continuously. Our body changes continuously, it is the part of us that observes our thoughts and feelings and sensations which is the true us – it does not judge, merely observes. We work with clients to focus on the observing client and not being caught up in stories of not being good enough and helping clients to lead a rich, full and rewarding life.

Author Bio: Matthew is a qualified counsellor and therapist and a regular blogger on Online counselling Australia. Here, he writes about services offered at online counselling services Australia at

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