Guidelines to Scatter Cremation Ashes1

Nowadays more and more people are opting for a cremation service. Even those who would traditionally go for a burial are now looking into cremation options. A growing number of cremating service providers cater to the needs of these new lot of North Americans who are choosing cremation over burial. Trident Society, the famous Cremation Service Providing groups says that primary reason behind this is the opportunity to keep the CREMAINs, that is, the bodily remains or the ashes of their beloved ones. In one way, this type of funeral procedure helps in preserving contact with your beloved ones. However, feeble it might have been.

While the  Cremation Association of North America and the federal laws of USA allows the keeping of the urns containing cremains which is considered as a safe practice, many prefer to scatter them into a river (40% people do this) or bury them (30% people do this). The rest just distribute it among their family members and preserve them. Although, the process seems viable and quite simple yet there are sudden guidelines, which have to be kept in mind prior opting for this kind of service. Cremation service providers like the Trident Society advice people to strictly follow these rules.

Follow the ash scattering guidelines

Most people would like to scatter the ashes of the beloved into the sea and they are allowed to do so but there are certain things, which you have to keep in mind. The Environment Protection Agency strictly controls this procedure and you have to abide by their guidelines, and also report the whole procedure within 30 days of the cremation. The guideline forbids any ash scattering activities near the sea beach. It can only be done far away from the beach from a boat or an airplane. However, one has to be vigilant about the scattering material which should only include human remains and biodegradable substances like garlands and flowers. Any remains of pets and other such things are allowed.

Make sure about the airplane scattering guidelines

Ash scattering from an airplane is the most common procedure that people opt for. While most US states allow this process yet they have some added restrictions for this purpose. The guidelines differ from one federal administration to the other and its best to keep abreast of them. Some federal states bar from airplane scattering of ashes near the city or in some selected water bodies in order to protect ordinary townsmen from such menace. So it’s better to check the guidelines of the place.

Check the national park guidelines before opting for a park scattering

As per Trident Society that some people opt for parks as their choice of ash scattering area. Well, this process is completely legal and can easily be done by getting permission from the Park Rangers. It is quite uncommon but it’s legal. However, you should extra careful before opting for this service because certain things are essential in order to maintain the sanctum of the place. National Parks like The Grand Canyon allows such activities but the cremains have to be pulverized to make sure there are no leftover bones or teeth. Also, scattering isn’t allowed near water bodies, roads or in the inhabited area of the Park.

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