Indian Furniture Market

Indian economy is booming, and the hike is playing an important role in the furniture industry. On the one hand, almost all leading companies of the international market have grabbed the Indian furniture market; on the other hand, Indian furniture companies are expanding their demand in the global markets.

As a result, the furniture industry of India is playing a vast role to boost up the Indian economy. According to the recent reports, the Indian furniture export companies are able to generate an annual income of over $65 billion, and in the next few years, it will be increased up to 20%.

Furniture marketing:

The furniture industries can be broadly classified into four major sections; office, residential, institutional, and contractual. According to specializations, these divisions can be subdivided into sales; furniture for bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc.

Even on the basis of used material in manufacturing the furniture, the exporters have classified their products in several groups. Former Indian wooden furniture was mostly made of expensive woods like mahogany, oak, rosewood, walnut, etc. In this respect, it should be mentioned that even fruit woods of several rare qualities of wood’s shell or exterior parts were also be used for furniture manufacturing.

But at present, many governments across the world are putting into practice to follow the uncompromising law on disposing of trees and even Indian government counterfeits that. It is, for this reason, Indian furniture manufacturers have to shift over other materials like plastic, metal and engineered wood (Plywood) which are just kind of miscegenation for their creativity.

Needless to say, plywood which is also known as engineered wood has emerged as one of the most preferred furniture constructional materials in India. It is a nature-friendly product which has almost replaced conventional woods as far as all types of furniture construction is concerned. The emergence of forest-friendly plywood producing companies is a crystal clear indication of the entire scenario. Be it boiling waterproof plywood or simply the waterproof plywood in India, you can get the world’s finest plywood variants in the country in an effortless manner.

As per the requirements of the contemporary furniture market needs in the country, the Indian furniture companies have been encouraged to establish specialized outlets in several malls from where they can sell superior quality and expensive plywood-made furniture.

Indian furniture companies are of two kinds – organized and unorganized ones. The organized ones are part of exporters, wholesalers and franchisees and the unorganized sector deals with exclusive dealers and retailers. This sector often provides direct sales. Adding to that, the products of almost all the top furniture producing companies in India can be found and explored online also. It offers an added ease to customers who prefer shopping from their own comfort zone.

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