Rotary Airlock Valve

The key function of any rotary airlock valve is to manage the flow of material from one to another chamber without losing the airlock condition. Rotary airlock valve manufacturers and suppliers deal in premium range of valves and feeders across the world. They know that it is important to use quality material to construct these products for efficient performance.

The material handled by the rotary valve is generally dry free-flowing powder, granules or dust. During operation, drive chain and a motor help in turning the rotor shaft, spinning the rotor within the housing and head plates. When the blade moves in circular motion, a fixed volume of material passes across the material inlet to the spaces between adjacent blades and is carried inside the pockets toward outlet of material.

Rotary airlock valves are applied at the bottom of the dust collectors, bins, cyclones, or feed hoppers to negative or positive conveying systems. A rotary airlock valve / feeder has a rotor that turns at a provided RPM in close clearance to the casing. This is the way it maintains a uniform rate of material flow and offers a seal. A rotary valve offers reliable service in the severe conditions like high pressure, high temperature, etc.

There are different industries using these valves, such as food, chemical, plastics, mining, cement, paint, baking, etc.

There are three basic functions of the rotary air locks –

  • To feed material from hoppers or bins
  • To deliver dust or particles from the collector while sealing against air loss
  • To feed material to the line of pneumatic conveying against pressure

The term ‘rotary’ means that during operation of a rotary airlock, the vanes rotate. When the rotation of vanes occurs, the pockets formed between the vanes become rotating pockets. The material handled by the valve enters the pockets at the top via inlet port. It exits through the outlet port.

Major features of rotary airlock valve-

  • Outboard bearings
  • Packing rings are replaceable
  • Round or square flange available
  • Larger shaft diameters than competition

Benefits of rotary airlock valve –

  • Easy packing change without removal of rotor
  • No product contamination can increase operating temperature
  • Customers can make selection from multiple sizes
  • Lower deflection
  • Maximum torque delivery assurance

If you need more information on rotary airlocks or feeder, talk to rotary airlock valve manufacturers. They will provide you best guidelines about their products.

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