Social Media Platform for Boosting Engagement

Instagram is supposed to be far more than simply an image and video sharing app. It is the most popular social media platform that provides a wonderful opportunity to various businesses to showcase their essential brand identity in a truly creative, visual, and engaging manner. Instagram is supposed to be the fastest progressing social networking site with over 800 million active monthly users across the world and over 25 million business profiles actively involved on the platform and about two million advertisers. You could easily make your Instagram account. However, it is definitely not so easy to build your presence in the arena of social media networking. It requires dedication, hard work, and time to make your presence felt in the social media circuit.

Top Reasons for Phenomenal Engagement

Mobile Functionality: Instagram is really easy and pretty simple to use while on the go. It is supposed to be a mobile-only platform and could at once edit pictures you click while on the move, for posting on the platform. Instagram offers an in-the-moment experience that would obviously, entice a whole lot of people to this already popular social media platform. This app could be used easily as it has just a few posting options and much-loved ‘infinite scroll’ of fresh new content.

Visual-Oriented: Most of us have a preference for gathering and interpreting information with the help of sight, so visual marketing has gained tremendous popularity over the years. Instagram actually seems far more appealing than the rest because of its predominantly visual appeal. Practically the whole newsfeed is full of horizontal span of pictures and as these pictures are reduced to the typical square format, there is a certain degree of formality about it.

Novelty: Instagram brings with it a breath of fresh air. It is a welcome departure from social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter chiefly because of its amazing simplicity. Instagram has become the hot favorite social media platform for the younger audiences. Majority of Instagram users are supposed to be below 30 years of age so the platform boasts energy, vivacity, and vitality no other social media platform could think of promising.

Function: Instagram is supposed to be catering to a fascinating audience. It has more effective control over spam as compared to other social networking sites and it offers relatively much tighter personal networks. It is not restricted to only one social function. It is used for boosting personal networking and also for professional networking just like LinkedIn. This platform is approachable to a broad spectrum of people. This actually helps in maximizing the potential user base of Instagram and motivates people to start interacting more.

Tips for Boosting More Engagement

You may consider the following three best strategies if you are thinking of boosting engagement.

Image First: You do not need to be an expert photographer to attract a huge Instagram following. However, it would be great to acquire knowledge about certain photography basics. You know that more striking your picture, the more noticeable it would be in the newsfeeds of other users and they would surely be engaging with it. It is best if your picture is dominated by just one color or one group of colors. You could easily get free Instagram likes provided your pictures are classy and your captions are catchy.

Keep it Compact & Light: Instagram is certainly not the platform for heavy engagements. Your aim must be to keep things compact and light to the extent possible

Always Include A Call-To-Action: Every Instagram post must include a sort of a Call-to-Action. It may coax users to compete in some contest or simply get back to the site.


Instagram is certainly one of the most effective tools for showcasing and promoting your business. You cannot be popular overnight. It takes a lot of dedication and hard work.  Follow the tips discussed above to boost your presence on the social media circuit.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a qualified and experienced Business Tech Analyst.Who has been in the business of digital marketing for a decade. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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