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When a tenant leaves a rented commercial space or house, he needs to clean the area and return to the property manager or owner in the same condition as leased. This is known as bond cleaning. Bond cleaning is a legal requirement and is part of the contract agreement. Only on completing the bond cleaning will the tenant be refunded the bond deposit. As part of bond cleaning, a thorough cleaning of the house and property is required.

How to go about cleaning door frames

There are three parts to go about cleaning door frames. Doors frames cleaning involves cleaning minor dirt and grime, cleaning tougher stains, and finally preventing future damage.To clean the minor dirt and grime, the first step is to dust away from the cobwebs. Doors in the corner and outside wall quickly gets covered by cobwebs and dust. Regular dusting is what is needed. This helps keep the door frames looking nice and prevents the formation of stain. If there are stains or thick dust accumulation, a mild soap solution in hot water will be ideal to clean the door frames. The sponge and the soap should be non-abrasive, and the excess water should be wiped off. Care should be taken to clean off around the edges of the door frame. Again, for significant dust accumulation, a soap solution will come in handy and will be enough for regular cleaning.

The bond cleaner Brisbane city offers cleaning services when the frame is stained due to a prolonged period of non-cleaning. To remove stains, the door frame is rubbed with mineral spirits, by adding it to a soft rag. The rubbing of the door frame should be done along the grain of the wood so that it effectively removes any dirt or grime buildup. For domestic cleaning, the mineral spirits can be bought at the nearby departmental store. Next, using a liquid furniture polish, the door frame surface can be cleaned. The furniture polish can be sprayed and subsequently wiped along the grain of the wood using a clean dishcloth. This helps restore the natural sheen of the wood and removes the existing stain. It is particularly advisable to be used after using mineral spirits. To remove pertinent stains, a steam cleaner can be used. Using chemical strippers to remove old paint or varnish, the exterior door frames can be given a new look.

Lastly, to prevent future damage, the wood should be dried thoroughly using a wipe and then a fan. Damp wood will stain if not dried. The door needs to be repainted at regular intervals to prevent the wood from accumulating dust, and stains. They as a service provider in the area of bond cleaning helps the client to have perfect cleaning that can make him get the bond deposit returned. They have experts who can offer effective services for cleaning in all the situations whether it is a stain on the carpet or dust on the tiles in the washroom.

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