Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai has plenty to spark excitement and taking it to a whole new level is the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Located within the renowned Dubai Mall, the Dubai Aquarium is world’s largest with a 10-million litre tank containing more than 33,000 different breeds of aquamarine species. In fact, it has the largest collection of sand-tiger sharks unlike any other place.

Several events in Dubai are specific to the place, presenting a remarkable opportunity to experience underwater life. It begins with a peaceful and mesmerising walk through a 48-metre long glass tunnel, surrounded by fishes that makes one feel a part of the amazing world. This is the chance to look eye-to-eye with stingrays, tiger sharks and other amazing sea creatures.

Taking water adventures deeper

For those willing to get more up, close and personal with the marine life can tour the glass-bottom boat or dive into the water in a snorkelling cage. Don’t want to get wet but still want to dive, no problem as the closed oxygen tank is built for just the purpose! It’ll plunge you into the water safely in an enclosed tank.

One of the most mesmerising is the gargantuan aquarium where a dozen sea beasts float amidst the artificial corals. Stingrays, mantas and sharks are primary attractions but there’re many other popular inhabitants including massive schools of pelagic fish. While you can dig in the view free of cost from a certain distance or pay to access the walk-through tunnel.

Tickets also include access to the Underwater Zoo whose crown jewel is the Australian crocodile; a 5.1-metre long King Croc. The star reptile is more than 40 years old weighing impressively 750 kilograms. There’s much to see besides the croc including cheeky archerfish, the African lungfish, giant spider crabs and sea dragons.

2017s most awaited events

The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo isn’t just about sightseeing and diving but every year, some of the most amazing events in Dubai take place that takes excitement to a whole new level and 2017 isn’t any exception. Check out below for some of the most enchanted events worth participating!

  • Transform into the mystical Mermaid

Live up the childhood dream with a complete mermaid makeup, costume dress-up session and typical hair styling in an enchanting transformation. That’s not all, you get to take home some of the most exciting gifts such as hair accessories and a souvenir photo to rejoice the unforgettable moments every day.

  • The Otter Encounter Birthday Party

Yet another enthralling event is a chance to meet and greet with the Otters! Different activities include a detailed guide to animal training behaviour where you get to assist renowned trainers. Craft and enrichment activities include toy making session for the otters followed by Rainforest and Animal Care themed games under the guidance of education team.

  • Connect with the wildlife

A fully educated and thrilling session is experiencing world’s most amazing animals in Virtual Reality (VR). The crisp and deeper images with VR-based videos would give you a guided tour about the endangered species, the changing face of natural habitation and how you can play a part in saving the environment.


Looking for exciting events in Dubai, let the above details guide you to the best ones!

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