In case you have been working with SEO for a long time, you will without doubt have experienced a fair amount of failures. Also, in many cases, the culprit was not SEO itself. Thus you face the question- what to do if SEO is not the problem?

Being search marketers, we face the prospect of dealing with tons of data, client websites, search results and more. The focus is to provide recommendations that will initiate action. But the most potent challenge of SEO is that the best recommendations will not unfortunately matter, even if they are not implemented.

Following Up

Most of us have faced the situation- no response to multiple e-mails that you have sent. There is no simple solution. It is a fact that people are busy, and have other priorities. Thus it is our job to ensure that clients are aware of the importance of the marketing program.

Here are few options if contact becomes silent:

  • Pick the phone

You need to consider the fact that many of your clients are busy people who receive hundreds of e-mails per day.  Thus it is a very tough job to sort through all. It may be frustrating not to receive a response but remember your clients have other important things to do.

So, pick up the phone. Though this option is simple, we often forget to do this. In the era of digital technology, all are either texting or messaging. But the simple act of talking to others goes a long way.

  • Use a tracker for e-mail

In case your mails are not receiving a response, the chance is that you are sending them at the wrong time of day. A worse possibility is that they are not reaching the inbox of your client.

There are tools like Bananatag, Yesware, etc., which reveal when a person opens your e-mail- permitting you to know if anyone is reading your e-mails and providing an opportunity for follow up.

Did your client open the e-mail just now? Send another one instantly or give a call.

  • Move to the next person

In some cases, only option is to go beyond a level. This may be used only as a last resort but this may be the only way.

 In the role of a marketing consultant, usually you work directly with an internal team of marketing of an organization- ateam of experienced professionals, with brand knowledge and several different opinions.

In case of agencies, the key to success of programs is getting approval of crucial decision-makers. The person in charge must ensure that the team approves andimplements your recommendation. Sometimes, the boss may leave the decision to the team.

But there are chances that the team may not agree with your recommendations. May be they have done differently in the past and don’t regard this as worth the effort. How to change their mind?

  • Present your strategy

It is a well-known fact that there is a lack of knowledge in the SEO world, outside and inside. The result is more work on the front-end. In place of offering a recommendation, ensure you discuss the why. What is the ultimate goal and how is the recommendation helping to get there? SEO services in India will help design the strategy.

  • Select your battles

Online marketers provide many recommendations. With regard to many cases, we end up making recommendations which may not have a big impact but are good practices, which will enhance the site. For sure, we would love that all recommendations are accepted. But it is also OK if they are not. The key is that we need to select our battles.

In most cases, all your SEO recommendations may not be implemented. So save your energy to fight for those that truly matter.

  • Run a test

In case of efforts which may need additional resources and time, it can be tough to get a buy-in. For this, you can suggest a test run.

Like in case of other things in life, we need re-assurance. In case we can prove the results that can come from our recommendations, it is much simpler to push for some others, down the road.

To sum up, our jobs as search marketers are hard. But if we can address the above issues actively, we can remove most of the obstacles to the path of success of our SEO program.

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