Social Media Marketing

A major aspect of online marketing is the emphasis placed over using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook effectively. Your Facebook page can allow you to connect to hundreds or even thousands with ease. This is equally true for your Twitter profile as well. A great idea to effectively plan your online marketing strategy and to build your brand image is to connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This will let you tweet frequently from your Facebook profile and also update your Facebook status page from your Twitter account. In some cases, you can actually post the same message across on both forums, thus saving time and still maintaining consistency while reaching across to different segments of your target audience.

There are many ways of connecting your Facebook and Twitter accounts. The simplest is to actually tweet from your Twitter account with the #fb tag and that will update your Facebook pageautomatically. There are several multi account applications that you can use to do the same thing. You can go to the Twitter page on the Facebook profile, allow access to the Twitter application and login to Twitter, allowing Facebook to access your Twitter information. There is a check box that lets you decide if you want to simultaneously update Twitter and Facebook page with the same post or whether you want to stick to just tweeting.

Another way of connecting your Twitter and Facebook account is by using or Hello Text, which help you to tweet from anywhere. In other words, you can send across a status update to all social profiles from either Facebook page or your Twitter profile. Another way of connecting both the accounts is by using Facebook Connect which allows website owners to log in using Facebook accounts. There are special applications which use this feature from Facebook to connect Twitter and Facebook profiles. One can use to tweet status updates.

There are several other applications which let you connect your Twitter and Facebook accounts. These include multi-purpose web based applications like PeopleBrowser and TweetDeck. One can send tweets to the Facebook page as well by just checking a box. You can track links and also utilize account support with these applications. Another very interesting way of bringing the flavor of Twitter into Facebook is by using Involver which adds a Twitter tab to the Facebook profile along with the latest tweets. Brand building becomes easy with applications like this one as it allows companies to frequently update their profiles without really going overboard. Not only do such applications save time and effort but they also ensure that standard updates that should be sent to all segments of the target audience across various social profiles can be sent out in one go. This proves helpful in more ways than one because a large number of users are available only in one social media account, either Twitter or Facebook. With these applications, you can ensure the target audience gets your message, irrespective of whether they are on Facebook or Twitter.


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