Wedding Gift Ideas

If you are planning to give something to you newlywed friend or family, then you have come to the right place. To be honest cards and bouquets are too dull to give as gifts nowadays. They do not appeal that much anymore. Try to provide some other thing with cards and flower bouquets. It will keep the tradition and also the couple will get something that excites them. You can give gifts that will not lose appeal for a long time. There are a lot of ideas here, choose what impresses you the most. 

  1. A houseplant that won’t die easily:

When couples get married, they also start planning their beautiful home. You can give them a plant that does not die quickly. Plants are men’s best friend. It will clean the polluted air and give you a breath of freshness. Money plant, Lucky bamboo, and succulents are the most popular houseplants. It will give their house pop of color and classy vibe too.  

  1. An outdoor picnic set:

When couples are in love, they love to explore with each other. Giving them an outdoor picnic set will be a right decision. This way they will be encouraged to explore more without having any thought of arranging a picnic bag. Picnic bag should include a waterproof blanket, plates, cotton napkins, flatware, small cutting board, acrylic glass. The waterproof blanket will keep everything safe from wet sand. Say cheers to a wonderful date. 

  1. A set of four packing cubes:

This packing cubes will change the way one packs for traveling. If your favorite couple whom you are gifting things love going then, this may prove to be a lifesaver for them. These cubes allow more clothes to be packed in and you will find your dresses wrinkle-free. While you are traveling, just put names on the cubes that what things are kept here. You will be done with maintaining clothes organized. The newlywed honeymoon going couple will love this. 

  1. Couple t-shirts:

Couple shirts that have an inspiring quote written in it will be another good choice as a gift. The couple shirt will make their bonding even stronger. There are various designs available out there. Choose something cute and lovely. You can go for king and queen sweatshirts. It looks classy and makes a good impression of the relationship between the couple. You can also buy a couple of shirts that say funny things like the boss and the real boss. Make sure you know their sizes or ask them. 

  1. Double waffle maker:

Isn’t it a big problem that waffles do not be ready for two people at a time. A person has a waffle and other waits when it will be ready, and that is not a pleasant experience for a waffle lover. Say no more. Give your friend a double waffle maker that will be a help to them, so they do not quarrel over one waffle. You can get one too for yourself so that you do not miss that also. 

  1. A box decorated with lots of chocolates:

None is ever grown up enough to have chocolate. Anyone enjoys chocolate in any mood. You can decorate your basket with a lot of chocolate as the main item. Then paint it with cards and flowers to make it prettier. If you know that your friend is on a diet then do not do this, she will curse you. Buy some healthy and sweet fruits instead. 


These are all the ideas you can try to give your favorite couple as gifts. There are more things like candles, cozy blankets and couple shirts which you can give them. Try to know their taste of gifts. If you are on a tight budget, then couple shirts are a good option for you to consider. Gifts matter a little for friends. The love you put there is the more valued.


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