Security Surveillance System

Are you thinking over buying a security surveillance camera but you don’t know the fundamentals of them?  Then this article will explain all the basics that you need to consider before buying an appropriate camera to serve your purpose.

Apply logic while deciding upon a surveillance system 

First and foremost, you must apply logic while deciding upon a surveillance system. One of the very first things you need to consider is where you want to install the cameras. So, you must draw a floor plan to install the cameras. You must take into consideration distance, which means how far is the target zone, after that you decide where you have to put the camera.

Click some photographs of the surveillance area 

The second important thing is the surveillance area. To determine what kind of lens you need, you must click some photographs of the area to decide where it is best to install the cameras. It will also guide you about what kind of lens you need, be it the case of wide angle camera or a fisheye security camera for home.

The third thing is to take resolution into consideration

It simply means do you really need to be able to make out the people’s face and go through their name tag or is it perfectly OK if the details are not absolutely clear. Once you are confirmed on the details, you need the exact location of the device that will help you determine the kind of lens which you need.

Double check the potential for vandalism

The fourth important thing to consider while buying a general or Fisheye CCTV Camera is the potential for vandalism! Is the camera going to be installed where it can easily be harmed? Does the casing required to sufficient damage resistant? There is nothing worse than installing a security surveillance system only to have it harmed and damaged the very next day by vandals.

The fifth thing involves lighting

The fifth thing involves lighting. Will there be ample lighting or will the device zone be dim? Will the lights in the area be turned off during night? Are you willing to monitor the area even with the lights off? In that case, you might need to consider infrared or low light security surveillance camera to better serve your purpose.

The sixth thing is all about your budget

Don’t forget to consider your budget. How much do you have to make your spends? Obviously, the more you spend, the better device you get. But always keep in mind that any surveillance camera, even coming at a lower cost is definitely better then no camera.

With all these considerations, hopefully you will be making an educated and well informed decision before buying a reliable security device.








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