Now days every country is trying to grow itself powerful economically as well as militarily. As there is rapid growth in all sectors of business the monetary value of company’s property and its assets have become highly vulnerable to antisocial and criminal activities. If there is no proper measures taken from surveillance and security standpoint it is very obvious that these companies and industries have to deal with huge loss of their property.

But thanks to the emerging global technology, several surveillance equipment are available in the market, which can be installed and monitored to keep the area safe from any unwanted calamity. Surveillance cameras are one of the best products which are in demand, these cameras are designed in a very sophisticated manner, which can capture the images of moving object in high resolution even in dim lights and can be accessible from any location in the world. There are different kinds of security cameras available, out of which 4MP IP security camera offered by Reolink is in high demand.

Few years ago when large and small organization started understanding the importance of securing their asset and property, the cameras which was available in the market were mostly running on analogue signals, this also required extra power connectors and DVR systems to tape the surveillance records. Also these cameras used to capture images which are sometimes very hard to recognize due to their poor image quality.

At times this camera also shuts down due to bad weather condition and was only accessible from limited location. But within a few span of years, many security product manufacturing companies understood the risk and started advancing to a next level to develop and launch cameras with more robust and high resolution camera like IP security cameras which made surveillance more precise and easy. With the emerging technology of IP protocols and higher use of IP address over the internet, experts have bound the IP technology to cameras. No one could have imagined that IP addresses which were previously used for addressing computers and servers can be used in such productive manner for cameras and surveillance devices.

IP cameras do not only give you the ease of access to view any of your remote sites through your mobile devices and laptops but, it also captures images with high resolution and quality. With its 1440p resolution High definition it is as good as any HD cameras which helps the surveillances to view and identify the objectsmuch easier. Before buying any IP surveillance camera you should keep in mind that good image capture quality of camera does matter.

There are many incidents where people opted for cheaper surveillance camera and they paid the price for it. One should always be aware that the surveillance camera is used for keeping a watch on any illicit activity like theft or physical damage which can happen to your property. But what will you do if your most trusted and watchful eye cannot see what you intend it to see? It will be a waste of your money and effort and in fact your hard work.

There have been many cases were cops were not able to catch the culprits though there were surveillance camera up and running, that’s because the camera captured poor quality image and videos. An IP camera with 4MP resolution solves that problem. With its infrared technology, motion detectors and night vision capabilities you don’t need to worry at all. So a very good lesson, please don’t jeopardize your security for saving few good bucks. 4MP IP securitycamera saves time and valuables.

The POE port which was earlier available only in wireless access points and switches are introduced in IP cameras, this makes the installation of these cameras very easy. You can install these devices anywhere from huge towers to highly restricted zones without even worrying the need of a separate power source. Moreover its 180 degree rotation capability allows it to cover much larger areas for surveillance which in fact reduces the needs of installation of more security cameras, this is cost effective.

Having mentioned all the importance of IP security camera we can consider it as a trusted member of your society which is as good as a trustful watchman.

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