Types of Pakoras

Eating healthy is very important but hard for a crazy craving belly. Especially for those who would give it all up for a plate of pakoras. Not surprisingly these crazy cravings have crazy schedules.

Be it chicken pokoras with a cup of hot tea or cheesy combination, when it comes to binging on snacks one may not be particular to eating right. They may not be dietician approved meals or nutritious. A classic chicken pakora is one such delicacy and Indians just go by them with a simple logic of binge food eating habit.

The best part of chicken pakoras is the crispy and juicy feeling that plays with the taste buds. It brings great joy to the guests and to you to savour and at the same time relive the classic memories for they have been for ages. Above all it’s the best way to impress your peers.

The classic chicken pakora has evolved with time. Experimenting with different dips, batter, and other stuffing, it’s possible to create a different chicken pakora each time.

There are multiple ways of getting the best out of the pakoras and some of them are here.

Variation with meats

A classic chicken pakora is plain but however, there’s nothing to stop one from experimenting with using different meats. Using a combination of chicken and fish you can develop your own variety and even the batter doesn’t have to be the same. Of course, the recipe is the same but some overlook the traditional batter. Check online for some of the ways to marinade chicken and there a million ways to deliver them.

 Stuff them with cheese or honey

The cheese stuffing to the pakoras is for people who are heavy bingers. Probably they feel hungrier than the rest of the world and one can’t meet the purpose of giving them a lighter dose of food that wouldn’t help in subsiding the hunger pangs worse than ever.

For such people, a cheesy chicken pakora combo serves right. They will be satiated with the cheesy twist that’s rich, gooey and delicious to taste. One can even experiment with the type of cheese. A mozzarella, cheddar or goat cheese can be added and help yourself as you keep frying pakoras as you can’t stop for one.

Apart from the cheesy variety adding honey to the batter will give a pinch of sweetness and lo behold you have another wonderful dish to appease your guest

Ways to Cook Faster

Chicken pakoras are naturally spicier and are the easiest of all the dishes. What makes them crispy or help give them a crispy texture is the addition of rice flour. However, if one needs to fry them faster, they need to ensure slicing the chicken breast thinly. Another important step to make crispy pakoras faster is by keeping them in the refrigerator for a while with all the spices mixed together.

You don’t have to wait for long for a crunchy appetizer if you follow some smart cooking steps. There are ways to make them even quicker and cook faster than the traditional stovetop method but for starters, boneless chicken and skinless chicken helps.

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