Will Python Overtake Java

Among programming languages, Python and Java top the table. As a first language, Java comes recommended. It is easy to learn and Python also has a gentle learning curve. Regarding which is more powerful, Python is better because it has simple syntax and is extremely readable. Let us see all features of both languages and compare them side by side.

Ease and Use of Code 

When we look at the length of code, Python scores. So, it is easier to understand and write code with Python. But, there are many that feel Java is better because it is strict and the coder understands more about the parameters he or she is using. Like, in Java it specifies return void saying nothing is returned but in Python, we are not aware of such a thing. So, Python works like Java but we are more aware of what goes into the code.

Use of Syntax 

Syntax refers to all those brackets and curly braces along with the codewords. First and most obvious difference in python vs javas is the semicolon that is needed in Java but not in Python. Like, if you don’t use that semicolon in Java it will throw an error. Use of curly braces is necessary for Java, but the same will break the code in Python. Indentation is not needed in Java while it is vital in Python. You get an error in code if you forget to provide indentation for your code in Python.

Use as a First Language 

Python has a good flow and seems to reflect your thoughts. Java is more powerful and fast. Python teaches you to use indentation, keeping spaces like steps that go up and down. This makes Python programming fun. It is intuitive and easy to understand. So, beginners will feel good with Python. Solving problems is fast with Python. In Java, you need to write the Class and then follow it up with code. By that time, you have already got your answer using Python.

Set up for Both 

There is no setup needed for Python and in many cases, you will not even need an IDE while working with Python. You can get by with Notepad++ whereas in Java you need to download Java and the JDK to use it. If you are working on the move, like using different machines at different times of the day, and you have one machine that has not got Java, it will slow you down considerably.

Salary Expectations 

With regards remuneration, Python engineers are more in demand. Fresh engineers can make 30,000 INR per month while Java engineers will get only 20,000 INR. But, experienced Java engineers get 65,000 INR typically while experienced Python engineers will get only 40,000 INR.

In the final say, you can run Java on any operating system. That is, it is extremely portable. Python compiles to native bytecode. The Java Virtual Machine can read the Java bytecode on any system with JVM. The other big difference is the use of whitespace in Python to indicate beginning and end of code. In Java, you have to use curly braces for the same thing. So, there is no saying which one the world will prefer in the long run.

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