Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a dream for many of us and doing part time jobs would be a plus point at the time of studying in abroad for sure. The money you would get after doing this part time jobs would help you in covering your cost of living, travel holding across the country or pay for your leisure activities easily. There are many international students who prefer going for these jobs as they can handle their daily expenses without any problem.

Get a part time job

Part time jobs are the most energy- sapping but also very profitable for you. The perfect choice would be to get a part time job in your related field, but such chances are rare only unless you have good connections with others. It is not possible to get Assistant-level positions as they are full time jobs and they need plenty of time for the learning purpose.

But if you are thinking to have a regular extra income while you are studying abroad, then you should go for simple jobs which includes data entry, sales and telecommunications. These types of jobs you would get in almost all classified ads or job portals. If you are not interested in doing the legwork, then you can take help from the Best study abroad consultants in Delhi.

Get an internship

Internships would give you maximum field exposure and relevant experience if you are pursing your degree or diploma. The pay would be lower and you can apply during your study breaks. Many schools carry out internship programs to improve their student’s employability.

To apply for an internship, you need to prepare good resume and a strong portfolio for your best works. After getting it ready, you can search for reputable companies and then send your portfolio along with your resume in their direction. Make sure you are including your cover letter stating your interest and reasons to join them. If you are really in a need of relevant experience, then you can work free to build the contacts or to learn the ropes.

Get freelance jobs

To start freelancer jobs, you should show the basic capability of carrying out a professional project from begin to end. And to prove that to your clients, you need to make a good and appealing portfolio which would attract the clients so they would be hiring you for their projects.

Students with great skills in photography, sales and graphic design can get freelancer jobs easily without any problem. You can find these assignments on classified ads and job portals. If you are enterprising, you can write or design your own ads to promote your services.

You need to understand that working while studying abroad would allow you to meet industry people and develop business contacts in that particular country. To know more about studying abroad, you can take the help from the Study abroad consultants in Delhi now!

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