Western Universities

The West is known to be the last dominion in the United States of America to get settled. There are several thriving megacities that are attractive but the West is still having the kind of charisma that others don’t have. The region of West is perfectly suited to the interests of students who wish to pursue their higher studies. Some of the great universities situated in the west, provide a wide range of undergraduate programs and master’s programs. But there are very few doctoral programs. Here’s the list of great universities in the West:

  • TRINITY UNIVERSITY- It was founded in 1869, in San Antonio, Texas. Currently, there are 2,330 students are studying in the university. Their curriculum includes business, pre-professional courses, and programs on enhancing writing, public speaking and problem-solving skills of the students. There are 47 majors available that prepare the students to become extraordinary in their chosen field. Students have plenty of opportunities to switch between jobs and careers at every level. Trinity is reputed for being an incredible place to study and learn.
  • SANTA CLARA UNIVERSITY-It was founded in 1851, in Silicon Valley. The entire undergraduate enrollment of the university is 5,500 with 105 acres campus size. The university has a wide range of majors, minors and it is known to be the sixth best Catholic university in the United States. Some of the reputed alumni of this university are Jane Goodall, Khaled Hosseini, Steve Nash, Leon Panetta, Dee Dee Myers and Randy Winn.
  • LOYOLA MARYMOUNT UNIVERSITY-Established in 1911, Loyola Marymount University believes in the service of the educating and learning. The university is located in Los Angeles, California. With an offering of more than 58 majors in a wide range of subjects, LMU provides a holistic approach to learning and education. There are six colleges that offer more than 50 fields of undergraduate and graduate study. There is 20 housing facility available for 3,200 students.
  • CALIFORNIA POLYTECHNIC STATE UNIVERSITY-SAN LUIS OBISPO-It was established in 1903, located in California, United States. As a part of the league of Great Universities, Cal Poly is known for its educational philosophy. As a matter of fact, the graduates of Cal Poly have an employment rate of 99% which is quite impressive. It offers 63 undergraduate degrees in the field of business, biological sciences, engineering and more. John Madden, Jeff Denham, Burt Rutan and Devin Nunes are some of the notable alumni of Cal Poly. The total enrollment of students in this university is 20,000.
  • Gonzaga University-It was established in 1881 by the Father Joseph Cataldo in 320 acres of land. It is a private institution with an offering of 44 majors, 6 undergraduate degrees and 25 master’s degrees. The class size of Gonzaga is 22 and the student-faculty ratio is 11:1. The university also provides study abroad opportunities across 18 countries. Their most popular program is Gonzaga-in-Florence. It’s a Roman Catholic institution which is open to students from each and every background. Here at Gonzaga, you’re required to live on campus for first two years and on their website, the university has mentioned that on-campus isn’t promised for the complete college career.

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