Language Skills For Cat Exam

English is an important skill and having a good hold over this language is extremely crucial. In CAT exam also, verbal section completely deals with the English language. Even after cracking the CAT, MBA aspirants have to appear for GD/ WAT and PI where English speaking skills matter a lot.

Developing English skills is a gradual process and cannot be achieved in a day. It is important to start working on it before even filling the CAT application form. To help the MBA aspirants to be confident in the English language, some of the important tips to develop English skills are given below.

  1. Read Newspapers
  • It is extremely important to read newspapers regularly. It will improve your English grammar and vocabulary along with general awareness.
  • Read a standard newspaper; the Times Of India or Hindu can be a good choice. For financial news, read Financial Express or Business Line.
  • Reading a newspaper can also help to improve sentence formations and develop the capability to use phrases in a better way.
  • Almost 10–20 % of your English preparation is done for if you read newspapers daily.
  1. Buy A Standard English Book
  • It is advised to buy a good English book while preparing for the CAT.
  • Read the topics and practice questions regularly. Always note the important rules from the different topics. Learning the general English rules will help you to solve most of the questions in the CAT exam.
  • Make notes and revise daily. Also, practice questions based on those rules regularly to retain the rules for longer.
  1. Buy A Pocket Dictionary
  • Longman or Oxford dictionaries can be a good choice. Keep that while reading newspapers. Take note of difficult words and later use it in sentences.
  • By developing vocabulary, you can easily answer antonym, synonym and reading comprehension questions quickly and effectively.
  1. Grammar
  • It is suggested to make a chart of all English rules. Look at them and revise them frequently.
  • Make a note of rules involved in Active-Passive rules, Direct-Indirect narration, Phrasal verbs, vocabulary, Idioms etc.
  1. Practice
  • Practice makes a man perfect and in competitions/exams, practice scores as it will help you to find the answer quickly since you might have experienced a similar question in some practice test.
  • Practice various sample questions from the VARC section and take several mock tests during the preparation. Also, analyze the mocks properly and work your weak topics.
  • It is also important to check CAT exam papers of previous years’ to know the types of questions asked in the exam.

By following these steps one can easily develop confidence in the English language. The English skills will be extremely helpful in the CAT exam and later during GD/ WAT/ PI sessions. Apart from these, good English skills also help later during the MBA course and at the time of placements.

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