Not many are aware of the fact that prior to European settlements arriving on the shores of New Zealand, it had a history, culture, and tradition of its own. The indigenous community of New Zealand called the Maori still stand as the real face of this country. Today, the country has reshaped itself into a brilliant mix of all co-existing ethnicities in a thriving harmony.

No wonder, New Zealand has become the second most peaceful country in the world and a prime choice for study abroad aspirants worldwide!

Further, in this Blog, we will take you to New Zealand as a study abroad destination and help you figure out why you should choose to study in New Zealand.


The country and its men are a hard-working, honest and persistent people.  Recognized globally for its exceptional education system, New Zealand offers international students one of the lowest tuition fees in the world. Students choose to study in New Zealand to experience a British academic framework at low costs with a practical approach and updated modules for their higher education.

Besides, the universities in New Zealand offer brilliant course programs and certificates that are renowned for their high quality and academic standards among the top employers in the world. One of the other perks of studying in New Zealand is an exceptional quality of life along with a stable, affordable, and safe economy. New Zealand is also surrounded by beautiful landscapes offering students a chance to delve into adventurous activities like camping, mountain climbing, hiking or as simple as a walk along the lovely beaches beyond their academic curriculum.

Eligible to study in New Zealand IF

1. You applied for an Undergraduate degree

– secured at least 60% in higher secondary education

– have completed 18 years of age before joining a degree program

2. You applied for a post-graduation degree

– hold a three-year Bachelor’s degree and other requirements depending on the department and university of your choice

Student Visa to study in New Zealand is granted for a maximum of one-year duration extendable IF

– You are a full-fee paying student, in which case your student visa will be issued for the paid period

– You are a full-scholarship student, in which case your student visa will be issued for the period of your scholarship

Important Documents required for your student Visa:

1. A student must be accepted into a course and university/college that is approved by the Ministry of Education or New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)

2. A student must carry a valid passport for at least three months beyond the period of stay in New Zealand

3. Completed Student Visa Application Form (INZ 1012)

4. Receipt of Application fee payment

5. A student must carry an offer letter from a New Zealand institute/university

6. Bank Statements as a proof of funding

7. Police clearance stating no prior criminal record

8. Valid Medical Certification from a panel doctor

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