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The one-to-one relationship between a manager and their direct reports is vital to the cohesion of a team and the organization. To that end, taking time to ensure you are the best manager possible, means that you are giving your employees the best chance they have at success. It doesn’t matter how long you have been a manager, brushing up on your skills is always a good idea. With Everything DiSC Management you get an overview of your DiSC style, as well as what your tendencies are as a manager based on your style. It teaches you how to engage with direct reports of different styles so that you can communicate more effectively and be the manager they need.

What is DiSC?

The research behind DiSC comes from the seminal work of noted American psychologist, Dr. William Moulton Marston. According to him a person can be understood to fall into one of four styles. Dr. Marston discusses these styles in his book, Emotions of Normal People, which was later developed into a tool by industrial psychologist, Walter Clarke to gauge the behavioural traits of individuals.

Everything DiSC Management, like all DiSC products begins with an assessment. The assessment is a set of questions that adapts to your responses giving you personalized results and narrowing down the questions you need to answer. The system then generates a personalized profile.

Let’s discuss the four styles in detail.

Dominance: Those with the D style are all about taking action and getting immediate results.  They enjoying challenging themselves and others, and are motivated by success.  People with the D style can be misunderstood as  lacking in patience, and empathy for others.

influence: Individuals with the i style are enthusiastic and outgoing. They are interested in connecting with others, and are quick to champion new ideas.  Their strengths include being enthusiastic, extroverted, dynamic, and optimistic. Those with the i style sometimes have trouble speaking up when they feel an idea isn’t a good one simply because they do not want to hurt anyone’s feeling, which means that a team may spend a great deal of time discussing or trying to work with a poor idea, rather than changing course.

Steadiness: People with the S style are real team players. They value harmony and stability. People with this style are good with people, often seen as intuitive, compassionate, and great listeners. Their need for harmony can cause them to avoid confrontation or speaking up though, mostly out of a desire to not upset anyone. This tendency means that their voices don’t get heard and issues can go unresolved.

Conscientiousness: People with the C style are all about quality and accuracy. They tend to thrive in environments where they can work quietly by themselves without interruption. The C style values stability, and is always looking to challenge assumptions. Their need for accuracy, and to share their knowledge though, can lead to them coming across as overly critical.

Everything DiSC Management Offerings

With Everything DiSC Management you get a profile that focuses on your DiSC Management style, detailing what motivates you and what stresses you, what you need in your work environment, et cetera, as well as how your DiSC style translates into your style of management. Everything DiSC Management also supports you in learning how to improve your directing and delegating, strategies for improving employee motivation and development, as well as tips for working more effectively with your own manager. Everything DiSC Management helps you see yourself and your skills better, and guides your growth in your position while nurturing others in their own growth and development.

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