Nowadays, companies of all sizes feel the pressure to provide expected resolutions to customers. That’s why most of the business owners join hands with a reputed BPO firm. With the time, call center providers in India, UK, and USA start putting more focus on rendering the customer service via live chat and social media owing to the higher popularity.

But it doesn’t mean that email channel is good for nothing because 60% of customers still prefer to avail the desired resolutions via email.

Do you think that email channel isn’t effective as compared to the other channels? Have a look at the following points that will change your perception:

Make customers confident

Sometimes customers don’t prefer social media channel to share their problems because of the privacy reasons. On the other side, customers don’t get call transcript when they avail desired resolutions through the voice channel.

Here the significance of email channel gets doubled as this makes customers confident. This is so because both customers and call center have a written record of all interactions. In addition to this, email channel also keeps the security-related issues at bay.

All in all, email channel not only boosts the customer’s confidence level but also creates a positive image of the brand.

Documents and multimedia can be shared

Do you want to know why social media channel and messaging apps are so popular? Well, the secret is the facility to share photos and videos. However, email channel also shares this advantage.

The aspect that makes email channel more preferable is customers can share photos of defective products without worrying about the privacy issues. On the other side, agents can also share solutions via videos, photos, or documents. So, it would not be wrong to say that email channel offers an easy exchange of information, which, in turn, leads to a faster resolution.


Voice channel is far costlier than the email one. Apart from that, email channel can be integrated into an omnichannel approach and that means this channel can be used alongside other channels seamlessly. In addition to this, email management software always ensures that customers always get connected to the most qualified agents owing to intelligent routing.

Moreover, personalization tools, spam filters, etc. also play a vital role in boosting the agent’s productivity. Hence, email channel not only reduces the operational costs but also keeps the customer churn rate in check.

Better response rate

There is no secret in that call center providers in India, UK, USA, etc. always send surveys after every interaction to get to know about those aspects that are yet to be optimized. Usually, customers ignore surveys, especially on social media channel.

On the contrary, customers usually respond to that surveys which are sent on their email id. This is so because customers always check their email inbox during the free time. That’s why email channel always has the better response rate.

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