Burnt Rice Husk

It is a very astonishing fact known that something which is completely a waste from rice mill can be useful for so many industrial purpose. They are something which helps to keep the environment clean in every aspect. It is utilized in as many ways as possible to get the best out of it. You must be aware of one fact that the Burnt Rice Husk in gaining much popularity these days. It is all because of its ability to degrade very quickly within few days. It is one of the lowest costing options for various industrial purpose these days. Earlier people used to throw the rice husk for compost but these days they are storing it so that they could use it for manufacturing.

Rice happens to be the staple food of many parts of the world like Japan, China, Nepal and many other parts of the world. Almost seventy countries in the world are producing rice. You could easily manage to get burnt rice husk in these countries of the world. The rice husk is the hard covering of the rice grain and it is generally removed from rice while milling it. Apart from its day to day uses it has many industrial uses as well. In some parts of the world it is also known as hulls. The burnt rice husk could also be used as a replacement for cement. Before anyone was aware of its use, it was completely considered as a waste material.

Listed Below are Some Uses of Burnt Rice Husk in Various industries:

  1. Steel industries- Due to the finest insulating properties of burnt rice husk it becomes quite easy to produce thermal insulating compound. Some of its great feature are high melting point, low thermal conductivity point, highly porous and thus its makes the ideal raw material for producing steel. Apart from this it could also be used like a coating over the molten metal. It also works as a very good insulator as it does not allow the metal to cool down quickly after smelting.
  2. Construction industries- Usually the blended cements are produced with the help of burnt rice husk. As the need of building material is increasing day by day, it highly fulfills the need to the same. It is one of the most highly reactive raw material. It is usually used as a replacement for the silica fume. You could also make low cost concrete blocks with the help of this burnt Rice Husk.
  3. Using it as a Silica Source- With the maximum content of silica present in it, extraction of silica from it becomes quite economical. Silica is basically used in rubber industries for reinforcing the production. Apart from this it is also used in some other products like toothpaste, cosmetics and food industry. These days the demand for silica is increasing day by day as it helps enhancing the properties of concrete and cement. It is used in constructing bridges, nuclear power plant and marine environments.

Apart from all these it also works as a major covering compound for various metals. It is a great substitute of cement and concrete these days.

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