Every kind of investment makes money. The search is on for those types of investment that last forever. And what lasts longer than the companies doing business? Picking up a company with a good market cap and a solid EPS ratio is easy and investing in this company will give you plenty of returns. It guarantees you your wealth formation and that is what most investors are doing this day.

The Rise of 3D Technology

The way forward is to fix the target on those technology companies that are showing good growth. The latest technology with relevance to the growing market is sure to produce good returns. One of the best picks is 3D printing technology. This is prevalent in almost all sectors today. It represents a good chunk of the technology of tomorrow and there are many companies producing new models for 3D printing.

Beginning in the 1980s, the process of additive manufacturing helps you create objects from a house to a car using a computer. There are many other things like jewelry and prosthetic limbs that are in demand. By the process of 3D printing, one may create anything provided they have the right materials and the 3D printer. Companies such as 3D Quick Printing and HiETA Technology are among the leading 3d printing companies in United Kingdom.

Creation of 3D Model

The mechanism is simple. You create the 3D model using the drawing or actual modeling. Then, you slice it up into a thousand thin layers using the computer. These thin layers undergo construction using AutoCAD and each layer gets assembled one by one. Then, the smaller pieces get assembled into one integral unit. This works for almost anything you want to make from clothes to computers.

This process is known as additive manufacturing and you create an object by adding material layer by layer. It allows you to make complex parts with ease because the entire process remains automated. The cost of manufacturing is low and the process is simple. You will need the blueprint of the object you have to make.  E3D is one of the funded 3d printing leading companies in United Kingdom that have seen much success with their BigBox 3D Printer.

Method of Working

The process of 3D printing begins with the creation of the object using the computer. The blueprint is then sliced into thin slices and each slice gets assembled using the needed raw materials. Then, they undergo assembling in what we call as the Additive Manufacturing process. The first step was the Rapid Prototyping and these two are integral to the 3D manufacturing process.

Each layer that we add is a thin horizontal section and has liquid molecules compressed and placed against each other. We can make anything from cars to rice using this technology. We only have to use the right raw material. Two of the best printers in the business now are the WitBox 2 and the Da Vinci Jr. 1.0 and they find a use for making many things including printed circuit boards. Using this, you can make a multilayer circuit board in hours. If you do it in a conventional way, you will need several days.

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