SSSTS Training

Safety and health concerns of humans are of prime importance. When considering the case of construction sites, there are many hazards to workers and supervisors who are present on the site. Since construction sites frequently involve use of heavy machinery and potentially hazardous work condition like extreme height, use of flammable substances etc., it is imperative that all personnel who are present at a construction site be aware of the latest regulations in site safety, protocols for averting and managing disasters and practices that promote overall safety of personnel. Many institutes provide SSSTS training in Peterborough to ensure that all employees present on site are assured of their safety. Here are the things that you need to know about these courses.

What aspects does this course cover?

The main aim of this course is to make all employees aware of the legal requirements regarding site safety. The various aspects covered in this course are:

  • Detailed study of The Health and Safety Act that extends to the workplace.
  • Elaborating on those issues that site supervisors routinely deal with.
  • Insights into basic fundamentals governing occupational health and behavioural safety.
  • Elaborate case studies that provide key information regarding notable cases of accidents at workplace, and learning lessons from them to prevent similar occurrences.

What is the course format?

SSSTS training in Peterborough typically consists of theory and practical sessions. The theoretical part of the course is made highly interactive by the use of presentations, case studies, projects classroom teaching and group discussions. The practical aspect covers assignments and tasks that require quick thinking and action, in various problems and simulations.

Who is eligible for taking this training?

Because this training is specifically related to safety at construction sites, only the personnel who are physically present at these sites are required to take this course. The utility of this course is for people who are in supervisory positions or those who will take up a supervisory position at a construction site.

There is no fixed eligibility criterion for this training. However, all participants must have a fair understanding of English language to comprehend the course content and instructions during the training.

How is the participant assessed after the training?

This training comprises of two kinds of assessment- continuous assessment and written examination. Continuous assessment is made by the course instructor in terms of the candidate’s participation in discussions, the quality of their project reports and their participation in class. The written examination is conducted at the end of the training program and consists of a multiple-choice question paper. Upon passing the assessment, the participant is awarded a certificate.

What is the validity of this training?

The certificate obtained after passing the assessment is valid for a period of 5 years. Once the certificate expires, the candidate has to appear for a refresher course and obtain a new certificate.

Programs that are aimed at site safety, for example, SSSTS training in Peterborough, are very important. This training is mandatory by law, for all personnel who will have supervisory roles at construction sites.

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