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The place is dingy. We don’t get all the basic facilities here. The neighborhood is going down. My son has got admission in another State. My job transfer is on cards. There are an ample number of reasons for relocation from one place to another. The question is what if most of your kitchen crockery is made of glass and chinaware.

Placing a couple of strips of tape across will not solve the matter. The shine of the glazing glasses may erode by the potent chemicals in household cleaners as they give off vapors that have a tendency to damage your paintings.

These tips by Movers and Packers in Chandigarh will not only ease your concerns about moving fragile items but will guaranty the hundred percent security of your expensive household belongings like glasses and mirrors.

Some Movers and Packers Tips to Pack Glass and Chinaware are as Follows:

  1. Use Thick Boxes

Movers and packers suggest you use a box that is perfect in strength and size for packing glass and chinaware items without resulting in their damage. If the boxes are thinner, you can make use the more packing material to increase the thickness of the boxes.

  • Use thicker and stronger cardboards to protect your glass dishes. The thick cardboards will absorb travel shocks on the rough and uneven roads.
  1. Use Thick Cardboards

The movers and packers Chandigarh carry with them the thick cardboards or their alternatives to pack and move glass items.

  • They may cost you little more than the regular boxes, but it is important if you want to save your expensive household items.
  • The damage to any glass items will mean a bigger loss at the end.
  • After packing your glass items correctly in the boxes, now setup them in an appropriate manner.
  • And do not forget to tape the bottoms of the boxes.
  • Don’t make mush use of duct or masking tape. Instead, use stronger wide packing tape.
  • The stronger tape will make your job easier with a little practice.
  • Also, draw tap up the sides to secure ends and keep the container in the right direction while taping.
  1. Make Use of White Packing Paper

You can also make use of white packing paper to wrap around the glass objects. The movers and packers in Chandigarh can also provide you with the white packing paper.

  • The white packing paper will act as a cushion to the content inside the boxes. Crumpled paper is considered best than folded newsprint or other paper.
  • The crumpling paper has been found more effective in absorbing travel shocks than other papers.
  1. Use Large Amount of Paper

Don’t be a miser when it comes to using the paper, use minimum 6 bed of paper at the bottom of each box.

  • Start with stuffing heaviest and the sturdiest glassware followed by with most fragile in the top half of the box.
  • The heavy glass mugs and serving trays can be placed first in the boxes followed by other more fragile items.
  1. Tailpiece:

These relocating tips by Movers and Packers in Chandigarh will definitely ease your stress about moving fragile glass and chinaware items. Making   use of the right  kind of box when relocating breakables can ensure a safe move of this precious cargo. To know about further safety measures, you can get in touch with movers and packers personally.

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