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Hyundai, a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer, looks all set to reintroduce an iconic car – the Santro – back to Indian roads. With its launch just around the corner, let us get to know 10 things about the upcoming Hyundai Santro.

1) Santro Reputation to be reinstated

Hyundai new santro is expected to retain the super famous nameplate of its predecessor, which grew as a household name in competition with the Maruti 800. However, the new name will have a suffix joined to it, like in the case of the old Santro Xing.

2) The First Response will be given by the Indian Market

The latest Santro will first arrive in India before entering any other markets. And then, it is expected to be available for purchase in other South Asian countries like Sri Lanka and Nepal, but only after its launch in India.

3) Tall Boy Design

The original Santro gets the credit for making the tall boy design car a familiar sight on Indian roads. And so, the new Santro will also stay true to its design roots. Still, the new Santro will surely, live Hyundai’s current Fluidic 2.0 design philosophy, which implies that the new Santro will follow the footsteps of i10 and i20 in terms of style.

4) Good old i10 platform

The Hyundai santro new version will employ the same platform that underpinned the former i10. Nonetheless, this one will be larger in size compared to the old i10.

5) Updated 1.1-litre engine

Another noteworthy feature in the new Santro is that it will add updates to Santro Xing’s 1.1-litre four-cylinder engine and call the end-product, its new engine. It will meet BS VI emission norms coming into effect in 2020.

6) Fully Automatic Gearbox

The new Hyundai Santro will be the first Hyundai car in history to come with an Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) gearbox. This gearbox is supposed to have the ‘Smart Drive’ system. All other Hyundai models with automatic settings use the conventional torque converter.

7) Dual-tone Interiors

Santro will now, feature dual tone beige and black interiors. The color beige will be given to the upholstery while the dashboard, steering wheel, and gear lever winning the color black.

8) BNVSAP safety norms will be followed

The new Santro will abide by the new safety norms called, Bharat New Vehicle Safety Assessment Program (BNVSAP) for vehicle safety. To satisfy these conditions, Santro will now-onwards come packed with a whole lot of mandatory safety systems, of course including airbags and ABS.

9) Will replace the Eon

The new Santro will substitute the currently insignificant, running model of Hyundai Eon. The reason behind this replacement is that Eon doesn’t meet the forthcoming emission and safety norms and so, it will be phased out once the new Santro runs on the roads.

10) Release Date

The upcoming Hyundai Santro is going to be launched in October with the Dussehra-Diwali festive season at the same time, maximizing its sales numbers. Hyundai Santro is expected to be priced starting at around Rs 3 lakh, ex-showroom.

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