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“Many different factors are influential when it comes down to tyre’s life & age”

Almost every tyre is designed and manufactured for a specific purpose and to meet expected criteria. Long life tires are fabricated from a much harder compound and rather noisier due to this reason whereas others are made from a softer compound therefore give less noise but these wear at a much quicker rate.

You’ll find original tires to last longer than subsequent tires even after replacement. All these factors determine car tire price so let’s have a detailed look at how age and life of tire influence costing and overall performance.

  1. Your driving style and behaviour has a major influence on overall wear and tear of the tires. Aggressive driving, sharp braking and spinning the wheel from their corners are surely to wear and tear the tires rather quicker than anything!
  2. Positioning of the tires is another significant factor having a certain impact on car tyre prices. Here how; as your front tyres move while steering, they’re the first to wear down which is the reason many tyre experts’advice moving the cars a slightly before steering as this reduces wearing of the front tires so they’ll last longer.
  3. The speed at which you travel also induce wearing of the car tires. The faster you move, higher the temperature of the tire due to traction hence quicker the wear. So always chill out a bit while driving and move less aggressively.
  4. The amount of weight or load you carry in the car influence tire’s age, life as well as cost during manufacture. Just as a cluttered car increases the amount of total fuel consumption, the same case is with the weight.

Heavier the load you carry, the faster the tires would wear. Car tyre price for wheels that can bear heavy load is usually higher and they’re built in a different style with stronger compounds.

  1. Pressure of the tyres also impacts the wear including both over and under inflation. So always keep things in balance, especially the weight.
  2. Alignment of the tyres is very important! Incorrect or inappropriate alignment can prove catastrophic both in terms of safety and cost that also wears down the tyres rather quickly. Always have wheel alignment performed by a professional car and tyre expert.
  3. Automobile and tyre professionals also suggest getting minimum 20,000 miles for front tyres on a front-wheel drive car whereas you can double the statistics for rear Falkentires that is 40,000 miles approximately.

Tyre’s age

This is a much separate issue to the tyre wear and mostly due to a variety of environmental factors such as exposure to forces of elements such as sunlight, heat, light and rain. The car tyres are likely to degrade faster the more you expose them to harsher environment. Owners of trailers, caravans and vehicles that aren’t used to all this kind of deterioration may prove more troublesome.


The above factors helps in determining car tyre price, age and life in the long run.

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