Car Tires

Have you ever studied about exactly how tires are manufactured? Modern tires are made with a few layers of a steel band, polyester bands and rubber. With the time passing, any of these major layers can start weakening and create problems. The car owners who are not very much aware of the tire’s manufacturing insights might not spot this problem. But there are a few symptoms that can help you determine if your tyre is in the bad condition or not.

The major symptoms include the noise, vibration, wobbling and the lack of wet traction etc. So let’s delve in to determine the signs of bad quality car tires;


As we all know that the tire tread often develops a defect that might not even be balanced out. This is usually caused by the minor separation of steel as well as polyester bands inside the car tires. In that case, the tire is might feel out of balance while driving. Ironically, the problem remains the same no matter how many times you get your car tires balanced. Honestly, it’s advisable not to waste too much money on the fixture of this tire. Instead, it’s better to go for the new yet premium one.


Before you finally decide that your tire needs to be replaced just because of the different types of noises it makes, it’s time to think logically. When a strong piece of rubber, carrying a heavy car, rolls on the road, it will surely make a noise. But you need to determine if the noise is the usual one that occurs in the every other car or it’s due to the bad tire condition. When you hear the constant humming sound, which intensifies with the increasing speed, it’s actually the sign of chopped tread.

This is the sign of either failing suspension component or the lack of rotation. If you hear the thumping sound, it’s the sing of flat spot in the tire. But how did your tire get flat spots? These can be either due to the defect in the tire or perhaps locking up the brakes. In either situation, you will need to replace the tire. It’s anytime better than wasting your time, money and maybe enough brains into a defected tire.


Honestly, it’s one of the most obvious signs of a bad tire. Wobbling, particularly, is the state of the tire that doesn’t happen all the time in every situation. It mostly happens at the low speed. When you drive slowly, your car feels an unusual bounce up & down and you may even feel your car steering wheel moving itself. You know why it happens? This happens when the internal belts of your car separate severely. In this state, the pressurized air presses only on the rubber tread, which leads to forming large bubbles on the tread. Moreover, it’s also leads to the hydroplaning when the water cannot escape.

What is Hydroplaning?

This is when water causes your car SUV tire to lift off the road and lose traction consequently. In that case, it’s important to replace the tires. Only then your car and especially tires can ensure the safe drive.

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