Reliable Pickup Trucks

Whether you are in America, Australia or Europe, pickup Trucks have remained to be beneficial vehicles. Mostly because of the many roles they can pay. They can be used in different places and on separate occasions. With a good truck, you can run minor errands in town, ferry some goods from a farm, picking up visitors from an airport together with their luggage not to mention that with a double cab truck, you can take a few friends to the beach on the weekend. Some of the things that determine how reliable a vehicle is are; fuel consumption, horsepower and the towing capacity if you are looking to buy a truck.

Below is a list of the most reliable trucks to buy in 2018

Toyota Tundra (2000-present)

When it comes to pickup trucks, Toyota has been on top of the rank for years now. Their vehicles are not only affordable but very powerful. For the Tundra model, it is a double cab truck, four-wheel drive and you can get a V6 or V8 engine depending on your needs. The V6 consumes 3.4 liters of fuel per mile while the more powerful V8 which came into the market in 2007 takes in 4.7 liters. Toyota Tundra was awarded the truck of the year in 2008 by Motor Trend Magazine.

Ford Range XL Single Cab

This one has been moving very fast mostly due to its fuel economy. The truck uses 6.5 liters of fuel to cover 100 km. People in the city mainly use it as opposed to rural areas. Any person who wishes to save some money will shop for Ford Range. The car is also very reliable when it comes to handling the massive weights or towing. It has a towing capacity of 2500 kg. The vehicle saves your money and still does the job for you.

GMC Canyon

With an overall rating of 8.8 out of 10, the truck is almost perfect for all your applications. She is a powerful Four Wheel Drive double cab truck, with a horsepower range of 181-308. The vehicles good towing ability is thanks to the turbodiesel engine that makes it a compelling ride and gives it a good gas mileage. The V6 engine present in the car makes the Truck the powerful beast that she is. The truck will offer you great comfortability, maneuverability, and superb performance.

Mazda BT-50 dual cab

If you routine activities involve handling heavy weights, Mazda BT-50 is your truck. Same applies if you use rough roads. The vehicle is a four wheel drive with lovely contours. It is powerful with features that can stand any condition. The vehicle is also very pocket-friendly. With just 11 liters of fuel, you will cover 100km without a hustle. For such a powerful ride, that is a very economical ride bearing in mind the car is using tough, hard roads not the smooth roads

Chevrolet Silverado (1998-present)

This is a single cab truck that would have lost its popularity as soon as it came into the market in 1998. The truck was redesigned in 2005 to a more powerful pickup that handles more load than some double cab trucks. With the V6 engine, the truck has a horsepower of 265 and can tow up to 2900kgs. The tuck is a medium sized pickup, but when it comes to carrying loads, it does the job of a giant truck. It is powered by a V6 engine that consumes 4.0 liters of fuel. The trucks use the manual transmission and use the VQ family of engine. 

Mitsubishi Triton GLX single cab

This is a 2.4 turbo diesel four-cylinder engine that has gotten favor in the eyes of all pickup lovers, especially in Australia. With a Triton Truck, you will only need 7 liters of fuel to cover 100km. This is the main reason why the trucks have been moving and will continue to move even in 2018.

Nissan Navara single cab

Since Navara is suited for rural and city roads, the truck is a must-have. For those who appreciate style, Navara is a combination of Vintage styles of the 50s and the most excellent touch from today’s designs. It is a very economical ride that will only consume 6.4 liters of fuel for every 100km you cover. If you are not looking for a five-seater, ten this single cab will do the job for you and make you stand out in style.

Honda Ridgeline

Ridgeline is one of Honda’s best, though it is an all-wheel drive, it competes with the full-size heavy-duty trucks. The Pickup has a towing capacity of 2260kgs. Apart from being a dominant truck, Ridgeline offers comfortability for the passengers and is a very stable vehicle when on the move. The 3.5 liters V6 engines makes the truck a reliable vehicle for carrying goods. Ridgeline was voted truck of the year in 2006 by Motor Trend Magazine. With a ridgeline, you will enjoy a smooth ride.

Toyota Hilux WorkMate single cab

It was the best-selling Toyota brand of Pickup trucks in Australia back in 2016. For those who have used a Toyota pickup truck, you will not even need to do a road test; the car represents quality and reliability. To start, the cost of buying the vehicle is very affordable. The truck consumes 8.1 liters of fuel for every 100km covered. Toyota Hilux is a combination of quality and affordability.

Buying one of the above trucks will be a brilliant move but only if you can maintain the vehicles as required. To get the best mileage, make sure the manufacturer’s instruction manual is at your fingertips. Study your truck and take care of it for better performance. If you want your fuel consumption to be as stated, change oil and air filters regularly. Don’t carry unnecessary loads in your truck just because you have space. Unload it when going for a ride. In the long run, you will save on fuel because the heavier the load on your truck, the more the required horsepower which translates to more fuel consumption.

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