Mercedes E class

This masterpiece is one of the luxury sedans which are a bit more roomier than other family cars. It truly defines what an executive luxury vehicle really is. Mercedes Benz E class sedan is a car of class. It definitely knows how to impress someone. The road appearance is massive, no  one can take their eyes away from this car once they look at it. It is definitely a masterpiece.

This german vehicle is confidently stylish. Being a Mercedes, it is pretty expensive. So some people may not be able to afford it. It is expected to be a bit more expensive than the normal luxury sedans. There is a way you can get it without having a financial breakdown. You can buy a used Mercedes E class in Delhi. It is the most effective and easiest way that will even go easy on your wallet.

Mercedes E class do not fail in being sporty in appearance as well as in performance. Being sporty it is very easy to handle it as it responds quickly to the driver’s commands. You are expected to have a pleasant experience on and off the road. It is because of its great handling, Mercedes is considered to be very convenient and easy to drive. Moreover, the direct-injected V6 engine is responsible for 302 horsepower and torque of about 273 LB-FT easily. The direct steer system allows the driver to make most of the experience when you are driving as it shifts to electric steering when engaged. You know you have the full control over the car, when it responds to every slight turn you make at every corner. When Mercedes say its a family car, then they actually mean business. The space is enough to fit a family of 5 easily. It has enough of headroom and leg space for people in front as well as in the rear. The leather seats adjust according to the needs of the occupants in addition to the inflatable air bladders which makes sure that vehicle is well ventilated. It is well suited for both the driver as well the people sitting in the back.

Apart from the heating seats, the steering wheel has the heating option as well. The navigation system and the lane tracking makes you stay in your lane and allows you to drive cautiously. Parking assist helps you in parking your car without any hassle whatsoever. Mercedes has equipped this car with a number of safety features. It is considered to be one of the safest car on the road. It has around 11 airbags which even includes driver’s knee airbag. When we couple rear view camera with parking sensors, you are assured to park your car safely. Attention assist is one of the dynamic and mind blowing breakthrough that Mercedes has made. It senses the alertness of the driver and ay even suggest any cafe near by based on its decision. It is linked with the wheel activity which is directly in control of the driver. The front dynamic camera is capable of building a 3D image of any obstacle in your path to alert you instantly. It can do so up to 55 yards. Some extra features may also include blind spot monitors, automatic headlamps, adaptive cruise control and night vision cameras. The automatic braking system senses the distance between you and the other car, living being or any bump on the road. It then makes sure that the occupants remain safe by applying the brakes before colliding into anything.

Mercedes has clearly taken the race of technology to a whole new level. Clearly, anyone will be impressed with such specifications. So go ahead and get the best deal you can!


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