tyre deals for 4WD

Suitable selection of tyres according to the kind of vehicle is critical for the performance and safety while driving. Nowadays, tires have no longer remained black rotating rubbers fitted in a car, SUV or Van. Tyre designs and functions have been changed due to the progress and evolution of vehicle design.

You can’t randomly select tires from a general mechanic shop for your 4WD. As these vehicles are designed for extra traction in off-road situations, they are fitted with a bigger wheel and off-road tires. Before you start searching for car tyre deals to purchase suitable pieces for your 4WD, check original equipment; the manufacturer has fitted on your vehicle at the factory. Whether you need to buy new pieces to replace factory fitted equipment, looking into its information is a safe way to protect you from purchasing a wrong pair for your SUV and Crossover.

When it comes to buying rubbers for heavy duty off the road vehicles like 4WD, you should understand the difference between four different categories of 4WD tires available.

High-performance road / Highway-Terrain

Despite being designed for heavy vehicles, characteristics of this category resemble a lot with standard tires fitted on Sedans. They are larger whereas compacted shoulder and tread design keep them silent during the drive. Highly rated for high speeds on wet and dry tar at high temperature and variable road conditions make them ideal for road drivers. Moreover, their large size and unique tread pattern enable them to perform well in the sand as well.

All terrain (AT)

As their name suggests, they are designed to perform well either on the roads or off the road; their tread pattern helps them to work with equal efficiency on all the terrains. An AT is a suitable choice for those who are spending half of the year on driving off the road. Compromising the noise during drive seems simpler and economical option instead of purchasing or replacing it every time before heading on the off-road trip. They are ready to ignore the noise to enjoy extra performance while driving on the muddy and rough tracks.

Mud-terrain (M/T)

Mud-terrain is particular kind of 4WD, which is purposefully designed for off-road driving. This type is perfect for a 4WD enthusiast who only drives off the road tracks. Wide-gapped, open and aggressive tread pattern provides superb traction in muddy and extremely harsh off-road conditions. Besides this, an extra thick tread and sidewalls make it resistant to punctures. Vehicles fitted with mud-terrain give a noisy drive with increased braking distance, which further increases on the wet tar. Escalating breaking distance makes MT potentially dangerous as compared to AT on the roads.

 In addition to reviewing the features of 4WD tire categories, learn to understand the differences between tread patterns. Tread pattern has three types.

Symmetrical: Symmetrical tread pattern consists of a consistent pattern on both sides. This design is ideal for small and medium-sized summer tyres. Smoother surface gives excellent road grip and makes it extremely suitable for urban use.

Asymmetrical: This pattern is designed to deliver enhanced corner handling from the inside of the tire and efficiently keep the water outside. Fit for medium-sized cars, an asymmetrical pattern is an excellent choice for the wet climate.

Directional: It is a V-shaped pattern, which is designed to improve the acceleration and performance of brakes. It also helps to repel water on the surface.

Conclusion: Follow these simple tips to smartly select the best 4×4 Falken tyres from car tyre deals offered by leading brands.

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