Audi Greensboro

As the entire world economy finds a downturn, the used car market finds some boost, and those who have been studying these recent market trends are of the opinion that as the market keeps showing such down-surge, the inventory of pre-owned and used vehicles will get lighter in every dealership. As far as the luxury brands are concerned, people are of the opinion that even having a used vehicle will make some difference in their lifestyle. While finding out which of the models would serve to be the best buy in the used car market, the Audi TT RS claim some special attention.

Even though the car didn’t create such ruckus in the market, there’s no denying the fact, which it is an absolute beast to drive in. When the vehicle was first launched in 2012, the TT RS was usually meant to create some rivalry to the BMW 1M who then drove the market as a monopoly business. And as expected, the model was quite successful in holding back its position against the Bimmer strongly. The only difference was, while the BMW 1M kept finding some appreciation in value right after it went out of production, the TT RS had its value depreciated for the past few years. The TT RS was claimed to be the most ideal of all models in the entire TT series. The TT RS had turbocharged 5 cylinders which satisfactorily gave 360 horsepower and 343 lb-ft of torque to all the four wheels, and as soon as these figures were notified in the market, the Volkswagen 2 liter turbo four just went out of fashion. Who doesn’t believe that such figures are quite impressive on the road? In fact, the torque that TT RS gives is just 40 lb-ft less that what the R8 V10 gives from Audi Greensboro.

However, there were some other stories that the industry had to say- the TT RS could easily reach 60 miles per hour just in four seconds, and if the dual clutch automatic transmission was available in addition to the 6-speed manual which is compulsory in the US, the result does find some further improvement. Apart from solid performance, superb handling is another criteria where TT RS impresses car enthusiasts. The car can quite easily hold 0.96g in the corners before the predictable understeer comes into play. All those who have had their experience riding within the TT RS have claimed that it’s indeed fast and much easier to drive with when compared to the rest.

The car lovers, in general, possess an attitude to live with their vehicles, and the all-wheel drive system makes the vehicle highly competent in all kinds of weather conditions. As far as the drive experience is concerned, not just on road performance, but also the comfort within comes into play. The rear seats are quite a bit spacious, and one can indeed put a good amount of stuff in the trunk. Those who have been dealing with the Audi repair is of the opinion that TT RS is nothing short of being the most handsome vehicle, and there’s nothing that looks like TT RS on the road. Within an affordable range, car enthusiasts can now actually enjoy a monster on the road without much agenda.


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